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KCRW Video Production Style Guide

Table of Contents
  1. KCRW Content Logos
  2. Logo Usage
  3. Icon Usage
  4. Colors
  5. Typography
  6. Video Branding

1. KCRW Content Logos

KCRW logos are utilized for videos and graphics according to their content. Each piece of content is divided into one of three categories: Music, News, or Culture.

Each of these three categories is associated with its requisite color. The KCRW logo for each of these categories will always be fill, with the fill color being the associated category color. The KCRW logo knockout will always be black.

KCRW Music is MAGENTA (#DE33A5)

  • Includes Morning Becomes Eclectic, Metropolis, Rhythm Planet, etc.


  • Includes To The Point, Left, Right & Center, etc.

KCRW Culture is YELLOW (#FFC91C)

  • Includes Good Food, The Treatment, Design & Architecture, etc.

Whenever the generic KCRW logo is used on its own (without a category), the fill color will be AZURE (#47C3D3).

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2. Logo Usage

Video Logo Do's

  • video-style-logo-do.png

Logo Don'ts

  • video-style-logo-dont.png
  • video-style-logo-2.png

Knockout VS Filled logo treatment

  • video-style-logo-1.png

KCRW Logo System

  • video-style-logo-3.png

Logo System Overview

  • video-style-logo-4.png

Optimizing Logo Legibility

  • video-style-logo-5.png
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3. Icon Usage

Each content category will have a specified icon associated with it.

Music Icon will be a Record Player

  • Insert Record Player Icon here

News Icon will be a Radio Tower

  • Insert Radio Tower Icon here

Culture Icon will be a Conversation

  • Insert Conversation Icon here

These Icons are used in conjunction with the KCRW Content Logos to brand content, including video intros and outros.

  • Insert Icon Animations from Animator
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4. Colors

KCRW Color Pallet

  • video-style-color-1.png
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5. Typography

  • Utilize Flama font (and variations) for all KCRW text in videos/graphics
  • Titles (artist title, location, identifying titles, etc) will be all uppercase
  • Song titles (for performance videos) utilize Flama Bold, mixed case (uppercase and lowercase)
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6. Video Branding

Video intros and outros are branded first and foremost by their category content; either Music, News, or Culture.

Generic KCRW Logo Watermark resides in the lower-left corner of the frame at 75% opacity. Watermark fades in after the video intro, remains for the duration of the video, and fades out before the video outro.

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