Summer Travel; Homemade Ice Cream; Blenheim Apricots
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Summer Travel; Homemade Ice Cream; Blenheim Apricots

In honor of July 4 weekend, we're hitting the road.  Lisa Napoli takes us to the kingdom of Bhutan for some extra spicy food.  We'll go on a road trip to Bakersfield with Jonathan Gold.  Good Food Producer Harriet Ells takes us to Bogota, Colombia where she tasted fruits from the amazon.  We'll find out about the Chinese taste for wine from journalist Pauline LohKim Faytakes us to Vietnam.  Evan Kleiman's friend Elizabeth Minchilli tells us what Romans really eat.  Naomi Duguid shares stories of eating in the Great Sub-Continent.  Plus, Amelia Saltsman has a recipe for homemade ice cream using farmers market ingredients.  And Mike Cironi is back with his Blenheim apricots.


Guest Interview

Market Report ()

Amelia Saltsman is the author of The Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook.  She is using farmers market produce to make homemade ice cream and sorbet.  She also uses Organic Pastures raw milk cream for the ice cream.  

Mike Cironi brings Blenheim apricots to the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  They are an heirloom variety in California and aren't found commercially.  They ripen from the inside out, buying fruit that is a little green is okay.  He'll have them for about 4 weeks.

Guest Interview

Bogota, Colombia ()

Good Food producer Harriet Ells recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia.  Read about what she ate and see pictures here.


Guest Interview

Rome, Italy ()

Elizabeth Minchilli is an author living in Rome.  Her latests book is Italian Rustic.  Her recipe for Carciofi alla Giudea is here.


Guest Interview

Vietnam ()

Kim Fay's book is Communion: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam.  Her sister took the photographs.  Kim buys traditional Vietnamese ingredients from the following Southern California locations:


Bangkok Market – 4757 Melrose Ave

Bangluk Market – 5170 Hollywood Boulevard

The recipe for her sister Julie's Banana Flower Salad is on the Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview

China ()

Pauline Loh is a food and wine journalist for China Daily.  Chinese wine is traditionally made from grain and potato.  However, the country have a growing taste for Western-style wines.  They are growing Bordeaux and other varieties in regions throughout China.  Shandong accounts for about 35 percent of national production.


Guest Interview

Bhutan ()

Lisa Napoli, formerly of Public Radio's Marketplace, has been traveling to the Kingdom of Bhutan for last three years.  She has been working to start a radio station in the tiny landlocked country.  Her new book is Radio Shangri-La.


Bhutan is a Buddhist country located in the Eastern Himalayas.  It borders Tibet and India.  Blessed Rainy Day is a holiday that marks the end of the monsoon season in Bhutan and the beginning of the harvest.  

Bhutanese cuisine is marked by an extensive use of chili peppers.  Ema Datshi is the national dish and is eaten for all meals (recipe).

Guest Interview

Bakersfield, CA ()

This week, Jonathan Gold takes us on a road trip to Bakersfield.  Jonathan is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Weekly.  He likes to eat family style at The Noriega Hotel, sip Picon Punch at the Pyrenees, have ice cream at Dewar's, and Italian-American fare at Luigi's.

Noriega Hotel
525 Sumner St.Bakersfield, CA
(661) 322-8419  

601 Sumner St.
(661) 323-0053 

1120 Eye Street
Bakersfield, CA
(661) 322-0933 

725 East 19th Street
Bakersfield, CA 
(661) 322-0926 

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.  

Guest Interview

The Great Subcontinent ()

Naomi Duguid is the author of Mangoes and Curry Leaves: Culinary Travels Through the Great Subcontinent, with Jeffrey Alford.


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