LA's Best Breakfast; Kellogg's Test Kitchen, The Spurtle
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LA's Best Breakfast; Kellogg's Test Kitchen, The Spurtle

Have you ever heard of a spurtle? It's an implement used to make oatmeal and John Boa, winner of the 19th Annual Golden Spurtle Porridge Making Competition explains how it's used. Russ Parsons of the LA Times prefers to consume his oats in his pancakes. Topher Ellis gives us a quick history in cereal and reporter David Segal offers an inside look at the Kellogg test kitchen and lays out the company's marketing strategy. Jonathan Gold selects his favorite spots for breakfast in Los Angeles and author Anne Mendelson details the difference between buttermilk you find in stores and the good old fashioned stuff that was a byproduct of butter making. Plus, Kir Jensen of Seattle's Sugar Cube food cart gives us a quick taste of what it's like to bake pie in an teeny-tiny food cart.

Guest Interview

Market Report ()

Mike Cirone has finally arrived at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market with his Blenheim apricots. It's an unusually late season for Cirone but it's also a bumper crop, so we will see an abundance of apricots from now until early to mid August.

Samantha Meyer is the Sustainability and Purchasing Coordinator at Pomona College. She's launched an initiative to bring local fruit and vegetables from nearby farmers into the dining halls on campus.

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Where Jonathan Gold Goes Out for Breakfast ()

This week Jonathan Gold discusses his favorite breakfast haunts in LA. Lately he's been enjoying Taiwanese breakfast at Huge Tree in Monterey Park, where he likes the sweet soy milk with you tiao (aka twisted Chinese crullers), savory soy milk served with a dash of vinegar and a mound of "pork floss," or the sesame pastries such as their "burned rolls." Yung Ho and Four Seas are also breakfast-all-day Taiwanese restaurants. For Mexican breakfast he likes the chilaquiles at La Casita Mexicana. For a good ol' American breakfast he prefers Marston's in Pasadena for waffles, French toast breaded in cornflakes, blueberry pancakes with buckwheat, and macadamia nut pancakes. He also likes the sourdough pancakes at the Original Pancake House.

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

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The Great American Cereal Book ()

gf120721cereal.jpg Topher Ellis co-authored The Great American Cereal Book along with Marty Gitlin. The two spent 15 years researching cereal history and trivia.

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A Reporter Goes to Cereal City ()

David Segal is a reporter for the New York Times. His article, "When a Sugar High Isn't Enough," inspired us to speak to him about his recent trip to Battle Creek, Michigan which was formerly known as "Cereal City."

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The Golden Spurtle ()

John Boa is the 2011 winner of the 19th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Competition. He explains what a spurtle is and shares tips on how he likes to make his porridge.

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A Fresh Look at Pancakes ()

Russ Parsons is the Food Editor of the Los Angeles Times. He was inspired by the wild rice pancakes at the Minnesota Nice Cafe in Bemidji, Minnesota to make his own version, which includes ground up oatmeal, wild rice and the addition of dried fruit. A recipe for his Oatmeal Pancakes is on the Good Food Blog.

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Good Old Fashioned Buttermilk ()

gf120721milk.jpg Anne Mendelson is the author of the James Beard-nominated book, Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages.

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Baking Pie in a Teeny-Tiny Kitchen ()

Kir Jensen is the pastry chef and owner of The Sugar Cube, a 8 x 14 foot food cart in Seattle, Washington. She says baking in such tight quarters with no air conditioning can be quite a challenge.

To enter your pie in this year's 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest click here.

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