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On the Beat

On the Beat

Each week, industry veteran Celia Hirschman considers the changes and trends happening in the music business. An independent consultant for the music business, she founded the marketing consulting company Downtown Marketing and also runs the UK-based record label One Little Indian in North America. She works with artists such as Bjork, The Twilight Singers, Lloyd Cole, Daniel Agust, Polly Paulusma, and many others, and has served in senior management at Palm Pictures, Mercury Records and A&M Records.

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LimeWire and the RIAA

At the behest of record labels, last October, US District Judge, Kimba Woods ordered LimeWire, the popular file-sharing service to suspend its peer-to-peer site. The … more >>

IPad Apps

No doubt about it. The most exciting growth in the record business this year has come from Apple. In fact, Apple has dominated the last decade of excitement in the record … more >>

EMI, Spotify and Google

Guy Hands may finally be losing control of his company, EMI Music Group, to their chief investor, the financial bank Citigroup. EMI owes Citibank almost $3 billion. Mr. … more >>

Creative Protection

As we come upon the close of another year, it's hard not to be just a little nostalgic. Think about how much has changed in your life in the last ten years. How much of … more >>

Advertising as Marketing

Pomplamoose, the Bay area music duo, have done it again. Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte had already built a strong following around the country, making quirky music videos at … more >>

The Beatles - The Long Now

The Beatles catalog has finally made it to ITunes. It’s a business deal ten years in the making. more >>

Radical Act

Punk rock music had its roots in the mid 1970's with bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. The defiant act of getting onstage, regardless of one's music … more >>

The SoundExchange Debate

The record business has notoriously been a closed mouth business. There's been little airing of laundry in public. But the digital music business is a bit more … more >>

The Record Business Is Volatile

Predicting the future is often a fool's game, especially in the record industry. The business is a complex environment, with many micro-climates – each one affecting … more >>

This Year's Statistics

In the film The Social Network, the character of Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, claims he ruined the record business with his disruptive digital online company. … more >>

Living Room Access

Since the 1960's, television has had an inextricable relationship with music. Whether Ed Sullivan and The Beatles, Michael Jackson with MTV, Eminem, Lady Gaga, or …name … more >>

How Did We Get Here Anyway

While many believe the decline in the US record market is due to digital technology, I believe it is in fact due to a series of business decisions, made over fifty … more >>

Harry Nilsson

Last Friday, the documentary Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him) opened in LA at the Laemmle Sunset 5. For those who may not know, Harry Nilsson … more >>

The Uke

Recently, I was walking in a crowded San Francisco farmers' market. While checking out the strawberries, I heard three female voices cut through the din of shoppers. These … more >>

Apple, Facebook and Google, Oh My!

The big news in the music business is that Apple has just announced the launch of its own social networking site, Ping. There are many good reasons Apple is getting into … more >>
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Celia Hirschman

Celia Hirschman covers the music industry with an experienced eye and a provocative perspective.

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