Gay in the NFL, Rap Lyrics in Court & Immigration Reform
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Gay in the NFL, Rap Lyrics in Court & Immigration Reform

Today on Press Play, we discuss NFL prospect Michael Sam’s decision to come out as gay before the draft takes place. On the record, everyone is supportive, but what are league insiders saying off the record? Plus, we look at the manpower, hours and planning that went into Michael Sam’s big announcement. We also hear about the controversy over using rap lyrics against defendants in court, and we check in on the world of beltway politics.

Banner Image: Jan 3, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Michael Sam (52) reacts after a play during the second half against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the 2014 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports; Courtesy REUTERS

Gay in the NFL ()

People from all corners of the football world are publicly praising NFL prospect Michael Sam for coming out as gay this weekend. But when you talk to league insiders off-the-record, you might hear a different story. We’ll discuss whether or not the NFL is really ready to open its doors to gay players.


A Campaign of Coming Out ()

Before NFL prospect Michael Sam came out as gay this weekend, there was a lot of planning and a lot of meetings about the proper way to do it. We talk to one of the men who helped Michael with his big announcement.


Immigration, Gay Rights and the Debt Ceiling ()

Republicans’ plans to address immigration reform seemed to have hit a roadblock. We discuss what comes next. Plus, what does the Obama administration’s decision to extend federal benefits to gay couples really mean? And how are lawmakers handling negotiations as we approach another debt ceiling?


Rap Lyrics in Court ()

More and more judges are allowing hip-hop lyrics into court proceedings to illustrate a defendant’s violent mindset. We don’t usually allow other kinds of art to be put on trial, so why is it okay with rap?


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