Ron Howard
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Ron Howard

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Ron Howard talks about making Rush -- his first independent film in decades -- and making his first documentary ever. Plus, he reacts to Spielberg prediction that Hollywood could implode from all these out-sized tent-pole movies.

Banner image: Ron Howard (L) on the set of Rush. Photo: Jaap Buitendijk


Hollywood News Banter ()

Kim Masters and John Horn of the Los Angeles Times discuss some of this week's top entertainment news stories.

- Universal Studios shakes up their executive branch generating drama behind the scenes.
- Warner Bros strikes deal with J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, for an extension of the Potter universe that will include movies, video games, theme park attractions plus a TV show based on one of her adult novels.


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Ron Howard ()

Ron Howard talks with Kim Masters about his two new films and how he handles big changes in the movie business. Howard shows himself to be a case study in adaptability; he's made a documentary for the first time in his career (Made in America will air on Showtime October 11); his new feature film, Rush, was rejected by the studios so he made it independently -- making it his first film financed outside the studio world in 36 years. He's become an avid Twitterer, regularly tweeting out photos to his 700,000+ followers. And while he admits that some of the changes in the business worry him -- after all Universal pulled the plug on his adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series -- he essentially reflects that changes is inevitable and cyclical.






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