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Episode Troff documentWill the Senate write a healthcare bill in secret?
While Democrats and Republicans argue White House relations with Russia, another question is being decided behind closed doors: who gets help buying health insurance and who doesn't? We hear how the pros and cons are being shrouded in secrecy.
EpisodeMorgan Parker: There Are More Beautiful Things than Beyonce
Morgan Parker says that the poems in her book There Are Things More Beautiful than Beyonce take a stand against the clichés of the dominant culture.
EpisodeUS leaks in the Manchester investigation anger British officials
British officials have said they’ll stop sharing intelligence with the U.S. about the Manchester bombing. They’re outraged over leaks to the American Press -- including publication of the attacker’s name -- and pictures of debris from the explosion. Trump has ordered the Justice Department to look into the leeks and review the possibility of prosecution.
Episode ECMAScript programTrump plays scolder-in-chief with NATO allies
At the opening of NATO’s dramatic new headquarters in Brussels today, President Trump acknowledged that Article 5 — promising that “an attack on one nation is an attack on all” -- has only been invoked one time: in the aftermath of September 11. But the President failed to provide what 27 other Alliance members have been waiting for: a re-commitment by America’s new leader to Article 5. Instead, they got a scolding.
Episode ODS spreadsheetBryan Fuller & Michael Green: American Gods
American Gods creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green visit The Treatment to discuss their interest in the fantasy novel and their approach to its on-screen adaptation.
Episode text/texmacsThe latest on the Manchester attack and ISIS
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist bombing in Manchester that killed 22. We get the latest. LA has thousands of rehab centers and unlicensed sober living homes. But some of these rehab centers are bilking insurers and taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars, while doing little to treat those desperate for help.
EpisodeWhite House budget proposal slashes and burns
President Trump's first budget request is considered dead on arrival in Congress — a familiar development in Capitol Hill. We hear what it reveals about the priorities of the new administration. What's likely to die… and what might survive?
EpisodeThe Three Owls: The Face of Evil
A documentary filmmaker follows a real life exorcist in search of evil…but what happens if he finds it? [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]
EpisodeThe Art of Manufacturing, Apple's new headquarters
What's one mile around, has a four-story glass door, and looks like a spaceship? DnA gets a tour of Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino. And we learn about Los Angeles' creative economy, and why LA is a hotbed for manufacturing.
EpisodeWho is winning the fight to control LA’s public schools?
Twenty-two people were killed by a suicide bomber last night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Who was the terrorist and what does the attack mean for Manchester’s immigrant community? Also, we talk to newly elected LAUSD school board member Kelly Gonez and Alex Caputo-Pearl, head of the LA teachers union, about the most expensive school board race in the country’s history, the conflict between the union and charter school supporters, and the future of LA’s public schools.

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