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Family Friendly KCRW


KCRW Families are smart, curious, creative and love to explore their city. Show us your KCRW Family. Hashtag #KCRWfamilies.

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Anne Litt and Howard Franklin have a unique connection with KCRW both literally and figuratively. Anne has been providing the weekend soundtrack for families just like hers for more than ten years. And, while music programming is her focus, shows like To The Point and Good Food help keep everyone together and engaged. Anne's connection to her actual radio signal at home is unique because her house is tucked back into the hills. This means that KCRW's digital apps and live stream play their favorite KCRW programming at all times of the day.

KCRW Staff

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Jeff Robinson and Courtney Watkins have a long standing tradition with KCRW, and now they get to share it with their daughter Mary-Charles. In Jeff's art studio inside their Laurel Canyon home, an old-timey radio plays the soundtrack to their weekend mornings as this creative family paints, plays and learns together. Whether they listen to programs like The Treatment, This American Life or Anne Litt spinning tunes, the family has found another addition to their weekend routine that everyone can enjoy.

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Lia and Akida are the parental equivalent of Superman and Wonder Woman. Where one superhero works to save the world, the other works to raise two young boys in Studio City, Noah age 6 and Aiden age 2. And while this tag team might not have super human powers, they do have KCRW as their secret weapon. With the iPad app and the car radio as their utility belt, they fight boredom with dance parties deejayed by Garth Trinidad and learn about new and fun cultural activities. More power to you Lia and Akida, keep fighting the good fight.

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Having two boys, Jack age 11 and Bryce age 5, the McCullums have put a premium on finding fun activities for their family to do together. Patty is the conductor and uses KCRW and their Fringe Benefits card to find out about new exhibits at the California Science Center and the Kidspace Children's Museum. Eric has discovered The Awesome Foundation through KCRW and uses it to stay up on all the amazing people and projects happening around their community. Sometimes just finding the time is hard enough, so using KCRW as a resource is a game changer.