Guest DJ Project

KCRW's Guest DJ Project invites an array of cultural icons to share and discuss songs that have inspired and moved them with KCRW DJs. Actors, authors, chefs, athletes, directors, tech entrepreneurs and more share their musical passions, giving deep insight into both their lives and their creative process. Check back each week for new sessions with notable guests in this ongoing exclusive feature.

Peter Sellars

hosted by Tom Schnabel
Theater Director Peter Sellars travels the world nearly nonstop and his Guest DJ set is a reflection of his journeys. more >>

Marcus Samuelsson

hosted by Mathieu Schreyer
Award-winning chef, author and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson chooses artists that encourage him to take chances yet always maintain a high level of quality. more >>

Olivia Wilde

hosted by Anne Litt
Actress Olivia Wilde’s love affair with music started with soul and moved on to hip hop and beyond. more >>

Emile Hirsch

hosted by Chris Douridas
Actor Emile Hirsch puts together an epic list of tracks to share in his Guest DJ set. more >>

Jim Rash

hosted by Dan Wilcox
Oscar winning screenwriter Jim Rash shares a song that can combat writer’s block, reflects on his youthful misadventures, and picks two timeless soul singers. more >>

Meg Wolitzer

hosted by Eric J. Lawrence
Meg Wolitzer selects songwriters with a strong point of view and a knack for tapping into deep emotions, from Patti Smith to Bobbie Gentry. more >>

Mear One

hosted by Anthony Valadez
Street artist Mear One is an LA native and digs into his roots in his Guest DJ set. more >>

Levar Burton

hosted by Eric J. Lawrence
Beloved Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek star Levar Burton selects meaningful songs about redemption, spirituality, and acceptance. more >>

Joel Stein

hosted by Anthony Valadez
Author and Time columnist Joel Stein takes us through the songs that defined his identity as a youngster, from musicals to rock operas. more >>

Val Kilmer

hosted by Anne Litt
For his Guest DJ set, actor Val Kilmer picked five songs that awakened his “artistic expression” early in his life. more >>