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Today on Press Play, a look at how private companies have stepped in to raise wages and  why the government has stepped out of the debate. Then, Silicon Valley and government regulators are increasingly coming to loggerheads over the “sharing economy.” But Silicon Valley’s Libertarian streak sometimes dissipates when a tech company needs something from the government. Next, Richmond, California used to have one of the highest violent crime rates, but a program that pays potentially-violent people to stay out of trouble has helped drastically reduce murders. Then, a roundup of all things film including the new releases “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” and “Snowpiercer.” Finally, the Los Angeles Conservancy is honoring the people who’ve restored and preserved some of the oldest structures in Los Angeles. This year’s winners include the restorers of a dairy farm house in West Adams.

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Andrew Walsh
Christian Bordal
Matt Holzman
Jolie Myers
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IKEA and Gap Raise Wages 8 MIN, 16 SEC

Recent moves by Gap and IKEA to raise wages for workers have been heralded as a step toward a living wage for all. But should we have to rely on private companies to step in where the government has stepped out? And is $10 an hour really a living wage?

Sylvia Allegretto, Co-chair of the Institute for Labor & Employment at UC Berkeley (@Sly21)

Silicon Valley and Regulation 7 MIN, 41 SEC

New apps pop up nearly every day that aim to make our lives easier. Uber, AirBnB and now an app that shows you open parking spots in San Francisco... for a price. But that’s where the government comes in, and the tension between the free market Silicon Valley developers and government regulators is coming to a head.

Timothy Lee, Washington Post (@binarybits)

Paying People not to Kill 9 MIN, 48 SEC

Police in Richmond, California have been piloting a program for the last seven years that pays a group of potentially violent people to not commit crimes. They use a model to determine the 50 people most likely to be involved in a shooting and pay them to stay out of trouble. And last year, Richmond’s murder rate was the lowest it’s been in 30 years.

Tim Murphy, senior reporter for Mother Jones (@timothypmurphy)

Movies 13 MIN, 45 SEC

In today’s movie roundup, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” the sci-fi epic “Snowpiercer,” and “Yves Saint Laurent.” From the high-brow biopic about the famous fashion designer to the low-brow pummeling of robot violence, we’ve got all the recommendations to help you play your weekend.

Alonso Duralde, Film Critic, TheWrap.com (@ADuralde)
Dave White, Movies.com (@dlelandwhite)

Revamping Old LA 6 MIN, 41 SEC

The Los Angeles Conservancy is out with their 2014 Preservation Awards. Some of the highlights include a revamp of a dairy farm house that sat in West Adams before the neighborhood was actually a neighborhood. And the people behind the Ace Hotel get a nod for preserving and transforming the Art Deco gem into a boutique hotel and entertainment venue.

Adrian Fine, Los Angeles Conservancy


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