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Kim Masters talks with Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios about that company's approach to creating TV shows and its bid to be a rival to Netflix. Then Michael Schneider sits down with X-Files creator Chris Carter who is making his return to "TV" with a recently picked up series for Amazon, The After.

Hollywood News Banter 6 MIN, 30 SEC

John Horn and Michael Schneider, who's sitting in for Kim Masters, banter about top entertainment news stories of the week.

- WGA diversity study shows no progress in Hollywood as it relates to the employment of female writers or writers of color.

- Glenn Beck plans to get into the feature film business.

- Yahoo! gets into the scripted content game...again.

Glenn Beck Moves into Movie Production (Exclusive)
Netflix, Hulu and ... Yahoo? Why Marissa Mayer Wants Original TV Programming
So why did Glenn buy that giant movie studio in Texas?
WGA Diversity Report Finds Declines in Film, Small Gains in TV
WGAW Releases Latest Findings of 2014 Hollywood Writers Report
Women writers, already minor characters in Hollywood, watch a gloomy plot twist
Yahoo Rolls the Dice on TV

Roy Price: Amazon Studios 14 MIN, 20 SEC

Kim Masters talks with Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios about how this tech company approaches the creation of original scripted series. Having grown up in the business as the son of a studio chief, Price has a unique vantage point on the intersection of Hollywood and "tech land." He elaborates on why they do an open pilot process and says that, just like its chief rival, Netflix, it won't release ratings. Plus, he has plans for Amazon to produce feature films through a first-look deal with Warner Bros. 

In this outtake from The Business, Roy Price talks about the new Amazon set-top box, Fire TV. As Director of Amazon Studios, Price oversees all of original programming for that tech company's streaming video service.


Roy Price, Amazon Studios (@RoyPrice)

Amazon FireTV
Amazon Studios' Roy Price Reveals Series Orders (Q&A)

Chris Carter 6 MIN, 41 SEC

Michael Schneider sits down with Chris Carter to discuss his return to television via his new Amazon series, The After. It's Carter's first series order since his hit show, The X-Files, went off the air over a decade ago. He talks about why he's at Amazon and how he likes their open pilot process.

Chris Carter, TV writer, producer and director


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