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The House has passed a bill funding troops in Iraq with a binding pull-out deadline of August 31 of next year.  Is it political posturing or something more? Would a pull-out be a logistical nightmare?  Will the Army run out of troops in the meantime?  On Reporter's Notebook, British sailors captured in the Persian Gulf at gunpoint by Iran.

Making News Congress Votes for Iraq Spending Bill 6 MIN, 8 SEC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scored a political victory today, an Iraq spending bill setting the end of August next year as the deadline for bring the troops home.  The final vote gave the bill exactly what it needed for passage: 218 ayes to 212 nos. Fourteen Democrats voted against it, one voted "present;" two Republicans went along.  John Donnelly is defense and foreign policy reporter for Congressional Quarterly.

John Donnelly, Reporter for Congressional Quarterly

Main Topic All Eyes on Congress as House Votes on War Funding Bill 32 MIN, 7 SEC

The House today set a deadline: US troops home from Iraq by the end of August next year. Some liberals who want to end the war now went along, even though the deadline is part of a spending bill to support the troops in the meantime.  Is it political posturing or the start of something big? In addition to soldiers, there’s a staggering quantity of arms and equipment. Would a pull-out be a logistical nightmare? Is it all moot anyway, because the Army’s running out of deployable troops? What would a pull-out look like, especially one conducted under the pressure of a binding deadline?  We hear from journalists, peace activists, defense and security experts.

Matt Stoller, Political activist and consultant
Medea Benjamin, Co-founding Director of Global Exchange and Code Pink
Nile Gardiner, former Advisor to Rudy Giuliani
Robert Scales, US Army (retired)
David Wood, National Security Correspondent, PoliticsDaily.com

Reporter's Notebook British Sailors Seized by Iranian Forces in Persian Gulf 10 MIN, 39 SEC

In disputed waters of the Persian Gulf today, 15 British sailors boarded a vessel suspected of smuggling cars. They were then seized by Iranian forces. Although Britain insists they were on the Iraqi--not the Iranian--side and is demanding their immediate and safe return, it appears they are still being held.  We hear more about the troubling incident from Julian Borger, diplomatic correspondent for the Guardian, and Borzou Daragahi, Middle East correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

Julian Borger, Guardian of London (@julianborger)
Borzou Daragahi, BuzzFeed News (@borzou)


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