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After 20 years of being “tough on crime,” local cops have arrested almost one third of all Americans. Their records are easily available to banks, college officials and prospective employers, even when their crimes were minor, or they were never charged. Now, 60 cities and 12 states have laws that “ban the box” on application forms that asks, “Have You Ever Been Arrested?” We’ll hear what that means for the individuals involved, employers fearing lawsuits for making mistakes - and for public safety.

Also, U.S Ebola patients are discharged, and Islamist terrorism in Iraq: home grown in Britain.

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Claire Martin
Sarah Sweeney
Katie Cooper

U.S. Ebola Patients Discharged: "Pose No Public Health Threat" 7 MIN, 36 SEC

Dr. Kent Brantly, the medical missionary who contracted Ebola in West Africa, was released today from the Infectious Disease Unit at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Bruce Ribner, Director of the Infectious Disease Unit, announced Brantly’s release with reassuring words about what he called “a rigorous course of treatment” and “testing." Makiko Kitamura is a health and science reporter for Bloomberg News. She joins us from London, and she’s worked with colleagues in the US, West Africa and Geneva, headquarters of the World Health Organization.

Makiko Kitamura, Bloomberg News (@maki_kitamura)

Rise in Arrests and the Ban the Box Movement 34 MIN, 56 SEC

The crime wave of the 1990’s led to a crackdown sometimes called “broken windows” — featuring increased arrests, often for minor infractions, sometimes for no real infractions at all. The result: almost one third of all Americans, 77 million people, have been arrested. This week, the Wall Street Journal published an article headlined, “As Arrest Records Rise, Americans Find Consequences Can Cost a Lifetime.” John Emshwiller was a co-author.

John Emshwiller, Wall Street Journal
Daryl Atkinson, Southern Coalition for Social Justice
Elizabeth Milito, National Federation of Independent Business (@NFIB)
Robert Brame, University of South Carolina

British Jihadists and ISIS 8 MIN, 6 SEC

In the video of journalist James Foley’s beheading, his masked executioner speaks with a London accent—bringing Prime Minister David Cameron home from a family vacation, calling the killing “shocking and depraved.” Prime Minister Cameron held emergency meetings at 10 Downing Street to discuss the involvement of British citizens with the Islamic State. Griff Witte is reporting from London for the Washington Post.

Griff Witte, Washington Post (@griffwitte)


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