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President Obama is under increased pressure to intervene in Syria's civil war, which spilled over into neighboring Lebanon again today. We have updates and analysis of the President's options. Also, a new cable TV network says Americans are missing "real news." We talk with the President of Al Jazeera America — a veteran of 30 years with ABC News.

Banner image: Bodies of children whom activists say were killed by gas attack in the Ghouta area, in the eastern suburbs of Damascus August 21, 2013.  Photo: Mohamed Abdullah/Reuters

Christian Bordal
Kerry Cavanaugh
Katie Cooper

Main Topic Obama Still Cautious on Syria Response 43 MIN, 55 SEC

Horrific reports including grisly video show that chemical weapons have killed hundreds in Syria, including children. Has President Obama's "red line" been crossed? Rebel forces blame the Assad regime, while Assad claims the rebels did it to trigger support from international forces. UN inspectors have arrived in the country, but have not been allowed to visit the scene.  If they were, could they prove the case one way or the other?  We hear what President Obama said today about a host of bad options and what it would take for the US to intervene. 

Karen DeYoung, Washington Post (@karendeyoung1)
Steven Simon, International Institute for Strategic Studies
Amy Smithson, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (@CNS)
Erika Solomon, Financial Times (@ErikaSolomon)
Amr Al-Azm, Shawnee State University (@alazmamr)

Germ Gambits

Amy Smithson

Today's Talking Point Can Al Jazeera America's Business Model Succeed? 7 MIN, 28 SEC

A promotional video shows bickering politicos on Fox News and MSNBC, quotes favorable comments from Hillary Clinton and the narrator ends by saying, "You have the right to know what's happening… and the right to make up your own mind." Al Jazeera America is a 24-hour cable news channel that launched in the US on Tuesday. It's owned by the royal family of Qatar, which used its oil fortune to pay $500 million for what used to be Current TV. It's has hired 400 journalists, including well-known anchors, and opened 12 bureaus in the US. We talk with Kate O'Brian, president of the latest thing in cable TV and a veteran of 30 years with ABC News.

Kate O'Brian, Al Jazeera America (@AJAm)


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