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After the worst street violence in 60 years, Egypt’s newly elected President is surrounded by tanks, troops and barbed wire.

Katie Cooper
Christian Bordal
Frances Anderton

Making News U.S. Adds a Surprising 146,000 New Jobs in November 6 MIN

This segment aired at the 11 o'clock hour on our national syndication and all news channel.

The US economy added 146,000 jobs in the last month—more than economists expected-- and unemployment has fallen to 7.7%--the lowest point in four years. That’s the lastest from the Labor Department.

Catherine Rampell, Washington Post (@crampell)

Making News U.S. Supreme Court Announces Two Same Sex Marriage Cases 12 MIN

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will hear two cases involving same sex marriage. One involves California's Proposition 8, which banned the practice, but was overturned by federal courts. The other involves the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Main Topic Egypt Descends into a Deeper Political Crisis 30 MIN

After the worst street violence in 60 years, Egypt's newly elected President is surrounded by tanks, troops and barbed wire. Key allies have resigned, but Mohammed Morsi says outsiders are organizing the opposition--a favorite claim of the ousted Hosni Mubarak. President Obama has talked with Morsi by phone, but is the US less concerned about Egypt’s internal troubles than their impact on Israel? We update the growing protest, the role of the Army and the prospects for a peaceful resolution. President Mohammed Morsi's first televised address to the nation of Egypt has increased protest that’s already shown the capacity to generate violence. Opponents accuse him of adopting the same tactics as his deposed predecessor, Hosni Mubarak. Is the first elected president turning the country into an Islamic dictatorship? How legitimate is the secular opposition?

Nancy Youssef, McClatchy News Service (@nancyayoussef)
Jason Brownlee, University of Texas (@meriponline)
Michael Wahid Hanna, Century Foundation (@mwhanna1)

Reporter's Notebook What is the Heritage Foundation? 18 MIN

After a series of electoral setbacks last month, Tea-Party leader Jim DeMint surprised a lot of people by resigning with four years left in his term as a Republican Senator from South Carolina. What is the Heritage Foundation? Should political experts have see this coming?”

David Weigel, Washington Post (@daveweigel)


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