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White House unveils proposed budget 6 MIN, 32 SEC

President Trump has released his proposed budget, with massive reductions to the State Department, the EPA, the arts, science and America's poor. His White House Budget Director provided a rationale today on CBS This Morning. Mick Mulvaney said that the President wants more money for defense, law enforcement, veterans and school choice, and that he want do to that without adding to the deficit. Christopher Ingraham, who reports for the Washington Post's Wonkblog, says that early response from Republicans is measured, though several have called some of the cuts non-starters.

Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post (@_cingraham)

Is America turning its back on the world? 33 MIN, 55 SEC

Late last year, Donald Trump tweeted that, the United Nations had become, "Just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time." His budget proposal released today includes massive cuts to the State Department and in US contributions to UN programs, including peacekeeping and environmental protection. UN critics say it's about time.  But whatever the UN's shortcomings, supporters call reversing decades of US policy a threat to international order…and a risk to America's own national security.

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy Magazine (@columlynch)
Tomicah Tillemann, New America (@TomicahTD)
Claudia Rosett, Independent Women's Forum (@CRosett)
Hans van de Weerd, International Rescue Committee / Refugee Council USA (@hansvandeweerd)

Lynch on Tillerson's ultimatum to the UN
Rosett on what America really needs to do about the UN
International Rescue Committee on Trump cutting foreign aid endangering US values, interests abroad

Nazi-allied group claims a Trump advisor as its own 9 MIN, 39 SEC

Sebastian Gorka is called the Presidents "top counter-terrorism advisor" and he's a major supporter of the controversial travel ban. But at one of January's inaugural festivities he wore a medal in his lapel that raised questions about a possible affiliation with an anti-Semitic group. Now he faces questions about his own right to citizenship.

Photo: Sebastian Gorka/Facebook

Earlier this year on Fox News, Gorka defended the travel ban, saying that the president was elected to protect the US. "The idea that we allow anybody into this country is an act of political suicide. If the word nation is to have a meaning, every nation has the right to decide who comes into our country." Larry Cohler-Esses, editor for special projects at Forward, a news organization covering political and cultural issues for Jewish readers, picks up the story from there.

Larry Cohler Esses, The Forward (@cohleresses)

Gorka denies report of his affiliations with Vitézi Rend


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