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The latest incident of chaos on Wall Street reveals how computerized algorithms control the financial markets.  What's their role in retail customer service -- and choosing the next pop music star?  Also, the deadly attack American Sikhs have feared since September 11, and Curiosity makes history on Mars.

Caitlin Shamberg
Christian Bordal
Sonya Geis
Daniel Rothberg

Making News Shooter Kills Six at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek 14 MIN, 32 SEC

Police are searching for a "person of interest" in the killing of six people yesterday at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  The principal suspect was killed at the scene by police. Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards identified Wade Michael Page as a 40 year-old with a general discharge form the Army, who was ineligible for re-enlistment. We hear more from Don Walter, who reports for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and from Rajwant Singh, chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education.

Don Walker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (@DonWalkerJS)
Rajwant Singh, Sikh Council on Religion and Education

Main Topic Algorithms on Wall Street and in the Rest of Our Lives 25 MIN, 33 SEC

Knight Capital is a so-called "market maker," using high-speed computers to keep Wall Street fair and orderly. Last week it created chaos instead. It's the latest in a series of computer malfunctions that are giving some investors the jitters by trading stocks faster than the human brain can function. Have the benefits of fast trading reached their limits?  What's the role of computer algorithms in other parts of our lives? You may be surprised.

Felix Salmon, Fusion (@felixsalmon)
Chris Steiner, author (@SteinerWriter )
Terrance Odean, University of California, Berkeley

Automate This

Christopher Steiner

Reporter's Notebook 'Curiosity' Lands Safely on the Red Planet 10 MIN, 55 SEC

NASA's rover Curiosity survived "seven minutes of terror" last night to begin one of the most ambitious missions to another planet in human history. After Curiosity landed last night, it took 14 minutes for the message to arrive in the control room at the JPL in Pasadena, where it was greeted with cheers and elation. Allen Chen is flight dynamics and operations lead for the Curiosity descent and landing team at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Astrophysicist Ian O'Neill is space science producer for Discovery News.

Allen Chen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ian O'Neill, Discovery News / Seeker.com (@astroengine)


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