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As President Obama left for the Middle East, the White House worked hard to lower expectations. But his visit with Palestinians in Ramallah, and his speech in Jerusalem to Israeli students, were all about hope for peace and the necessity of a two-state solution. We hear excerpts and get some mixed reaction. Also, Colorado passes three new gun control bills, and America's housing market stages an uneven recovery.

Banner image: US President Barack Obama (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) in Jerusalem March 21, 2013. Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters

Making News Colorado Passes Three New Gun Control Bills 7 MIN, 28 SEC

In Washington, as always, gun control has an uncertain future. But in Colorado, three new measures have been signed into law by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper. Kevin Cirilli is a reporter for Politico.

Kevin Cirilli, Politico.com (@kevcirilli)

Main Topic Will President Obama Raise New Hopes for Middle East Peace? 33 MIN, 55 SEC

As President Obama plunged back into the perils of Middle East diplomacy, the White House worked hard to lower expectations. But in his visit with Palestinians in Ramallah and his speech in Jerusalem to Israeli students were all about hope for peace and the necessity of a two-state solution. The President backed a Palestinian state at the same time supporting Israel almost without reservation. He condemned earlier rocket fire from Gaza into Southern Israel that broke a three-month cease-fire. He called settlements in the occupied West Bank "counterproductive," and urged young Israelis to pressure an older generation of political leaders. We hear excerpts and a variety of reactions.


Margaret Warner, PBS NewsHour (@MargaretWarner)
Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic (@JeffreyGoldberg)
Daoud Kuttab, Al Monitor (@daoudkuttab)
Gerald Steinberg, Bar Ilan University (@GeraldNGOM)
Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street (@JeremyBenAmi)

Reporter's Notebook Home Sales Hit Three-Year High 9 MIN, 17 SEC

Sub-prime mortgages led the housing market into decline, one of the major factors in the Great Recession. Now the market is looking up, at least in some places. Home sales have reached their highest volume in three years, with 12 consecutive months of prices higher than the year before. It's the first time that's happened since 2006. We get an update from Walter Molony, spokesman for the National Association of Realtors, and Julie Schmit, who reports on housing for USA Today.

Walter Molony, National Association of Realtors (@REALTORS)
Julie Schmit, USA Today (@JulieSchmit)

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