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Two years after Katrina, President Bush and his would-be successors are showing up in New Orleans. Anniversary promises may be falling on deaf ears. We hear from a devastated city where many residents think they've been forgotten by the rest of America. Also, private practices and public policy in Turkey and, on Reporter's Notebook, after 27 years on Capitol Hill, Idaho's Republican Senator Larry Craig faces calls to resign—from fellow conservatives.  It has to do with allegations of homosexual conduct.

Making News Islamist Becomes Head of Historically Secular Turkish State 6 MIN, 9 SEC

Abdulla Gül is a devout Muslim whose wife wears the headscarf that is banned in Turkish schools and government buildings. But after today's election as President of Turkey, Gul pledged to maintain the country's secular political institutions. Ilter Turan is a professor of political science at the Bilgi University in Istanbul.

Ilter Turan, Bilgi University

Main Topic Promises and Realities Two Years after Katrina 36 MIN, 1 SEC

For presidential candidates of both political parties, New Orleans has become a regular stop on the campaign trail. Despite the sullied reputation of FEMA, President Bush tonight starts his thirteenth visit since Hurricane Katrina struck land two years ago tomorrow. But despite two years of promises, crime is up along with rents and taxes. Healthcare and other services are still in decline. Levee repair is still under way, but coastal restoration hasn't even been started. A major city was struck by a disaster predicted well in advance. Can America summon the will and resources for long-term protection? 

Stephanie Grace, Political Columnist, Times-Picayune
Viola Francois Washington, Director, Welfare Rights Organization
Karen DeSalvo, Executive Director, Tulane Community Health Center
John McQuaid, Former Reporter, Times-Picayune
David Freedman, General Manager. WWOZ-FM

Reporter's Notebook Men's Room Arrest Reopens Questions about Senator Craig 7 MIN, 1 SEC

Idaho's Republican Senator Larry Craig has served five terms in Congress and three in the Senate. He's so popular that, when it appeared he might not run for re-election next year, there was a "draft Craig" movement. Now, news of his guilty plea after being caught in a men's room sting may change all that. Yesterday, Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported that Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being accused of making a sexual advance to an undercover policeman in an airport men's room. Today, the Idaho Statesman has published a long article saying that the incident "echoes previous allegations of homosexual conduct." Statesman reporter Dan Popkey wrote the article.

Dan Popkey, Columnist and reporter for the Idaho Statesman

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