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The Republican slate of presidential contenders was shaken up this weekend. We hear what Rick Perry brings to the race and how it’s been changed by the Iowa Straw Poll. Also, violence in Iraq surges with multiple coordinated bombings, and social and economic protests are spreading in Israel as the Palestinians ready their case for the UN.

Banner image: Fairgoers over the age of 18 are invited to drop one piece of corn into one of 14 jars with photos of their favorite Republican presidential candidate during the second day of the Iowa State Fair August 12, 2011 in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Katie Cooper
Karen Radziner
Darrell Satzman
Julia Flucht
Sonya Geis

Making News Violence in Iraq Surges with Multiple Coordinated Bombings 7 MIN, 48 SEC

In Iraq, the most violent day of this year has killed at least 60 people and wounded hundreds more. Coordinated attacks struck all over the country, except in Kurdistan, apparently directed at security forces in places controlled by both Sunnis and Shiites. Reporter Annie Gowen is based in Baghdad for the Washington Post.

Annie Gowen, Washington Post

Main Topic Republican Candidates: the Ins, the Outs and the In-betweens 15 MIN, 55 SEC

The Iowa Straw Poll drew a tiny minority of that state's voters to a Republican fundraiser on Saturday, but the results were disproportionate to the turnout. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who wasn't there for the straw poll is in; Tim Pawlenty is out. Is Michele Bachmann leaving enough room for Sarah Palin? Is Mitt Romney still the front-runner? What about Ron Paul? Meanwhile, President Obama begins a town-hall tour of swing states. We hear how his possible opposition is shaping up.

Michael Scherer, Time Magazine (@michaelscherer)
Bradley Blakeman, Georgetown University
James Antle, Daily Caller News Foundation (@jimantle)

Main Topic Israel, the West Bank and the Palestinians at the UN 27 MIN, 17 SEC

Israel's month-long protest movement has spread beyond Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Some 30,000 protesters turned out this weekend in Haifa, 10,000 in Beersheba and thousands more in smaller cities. The total was less than the 300,000 in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem a week ago, but enough to demonstrate widespread unhappiness. The biggest protests in Israeli history are taking place as the United Nations prepares to vote on demands for statehood from the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas has called for mass action leading up to a possible showdown next month. What's at stake for Prime Minister Netanyahu and new settlements in the West Bank?

Joel Greenberg, McClatchy Newspapers
Lara Friedman, Americans for Peace Now
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary magazine (@TobinCommentary)
Daoud Kuttab, Al Monitor (@daoudkuttab)


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