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In Moscow today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he's ordered a halt to military operations in Georgia. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, current President of the European Union, said the two had worked out terms for a provisional cease-fire. He's on his way to present them to leaders in Georgia, where President Mikail Saakashvili continues to accuse Russia of indifference to world opinion in its commitment to regime change. Also, a conversation with author Ron Suskind about a forged letter—allegedly ordered by the Bush White House—to link al-Qaeda with Saddam Hussein.

Dan Konecky
Karen Radziner
Gary Scott

Main Topic Oil, Democracy and Russian Tanks in Georgia 39 MIN, 10 SEC

Saying that neighboring Georgia has been punished enough, the President of Russia has ordered a halt to military operations. But there's still no formal ceasefire, and the President of France, current leader of the European Union, is shuttling between Moscow and Tbilisi. The US says it's reviewing humanitarian actions and that Russia needs to make good on its promise. Is Russia testing the US and Europe and their support for an emerging democracy? Is it trying to reconstitute the former Soviet Union? We get the latest on the confrontation that threatens to destabilize an already volatile part of the world, and hear about new international realities, including the role of oil.

Paul Rimple, Reporter, Christian Science Monitor
Andrey Kortunov, Russian International Affairs Council (@Russian_Council)
Alexandros Petersen, Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Steve LeVine, Quartz (@stevelevine)
Daniel Hamilton, Director of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University

Reporter's Notebook Forging Our Way into War 9 MIN, 30 SEC

way_of__the_world.jpgLast week, there were headlines about a letter that linked Saddam Hussein's Iraq to al-Qaeda, and seemed to justify the Iraq invasion. But the real story was that the letter had been forged by the CIA on written orders from the Bush White House and back-dated to make it appear that its writer had told Saddam that Mohamed Atta, ringleader of the 911 hijackers, had trained in Iraq. Ron Suskind, a Pulitzer Prize winner for previous work, is author of The Way of the World. The White House calls his report "gutter journalism."

Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist


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