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Europe is dragging its feet on troop deployment in southern Lebanon, and Israel is accused of violating the ceasefire.  Can the rules of engagement be clarified in time to prevent the agreement from falling apart?    Plus President Bush's news conference today, and the Democrats and the November election.

Making News Despite Frustrating Challenges, President Bush Won't leave Iraq 6 MIN

President Bush met reporters for almost an hour today and a major theme was staying the course in Iraq, despite the violence that seems increasingly out of control. Does the President plan any change in strategy?  Michael Hirsh is senior editor for Newsweek magazine.

Michael Hirsh, Politico Magazine (@michaelphirsh)

Main Topic The Politics of Peacekeeping 38 MIN

France is not the only nation in Europe with cold feet about sending troops to southern Lebanon.  Italy, Spain and Finland want to know if the rules of engagement will require their soldiers to make the peace or just keep it.  Will they have to disarm Hezbollah?  Meantime, Israeli commandos engaged Hezbollah 60 miles inside the Lebanese border. Israel says they were trying to stop arms smuggling prohibited by the UN resolution, but Secretary General Kofi Annan says they violated the cease-fire. There are rumors that they were trying to rescue two kidnapped soldiers.  We get perspectives from Paris, Beirut and Jerusalem, and hear about a new UN resolution proposed by the US.

Maggie Farley, UN Correspondent, Los Angeles Times
Timur Goksel, Retired senior advisor, UNIFIL
Patrice de Beer, former Washington Correspondent, Le Monde
Ze'ev Schiff, Defense Editor, Ha'aretz
Bill Durch, Senior Associate, Stanford's Henry L. Stimson Center

Reporter's Notebook Bush Says Democrats Want to Leave Iraq Before Job Done 10 MIN

Since Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut, Republicans have accused them of being soft on national security.  At his news conference this morning, President Bush reminded the American people of the “consequences of leaving Iraq before the job is done.” John Harwood, Washington correspondent for CNBC and contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal, puts the President's comments in the context of the November elections.

John Harwood, CNBC and the New York Times


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