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Egypt postpones UN resolution on settlements 6 MIN, 32 SEC

The United Nations Security Council was set to vote today on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory on the West Bank. A controversial measure sponsored by Egypt. But after a flurry of diplomatic activity -- including nearly identical tweets from Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister -- the vote was postponed. Karen DeYoung is senior national security correspondent for the Washington Post.

Karen DeYoung, Washington Post (@karendeyoung1)

The way forward in a post-truth world 31 MIN, 41 SEC

Fake news isn't new. It's about as old as news itself. What is new is the speed and potency of fake news in the age of social media, and the way in which it figured in this year's election. From stories about Hillary Clinton selling weapons to ISIS to claims by the President-elect that he won the popular vote… sensational and poisonous stories have spread rapid fire on Facebook and Twitter, helped along by ad sales and algorithms that propel fake news to the top of pack, occasionally with violent results. How damaging is fake news to democracy, and what role do mainstream media outlets as well as technology companies play in defusing it?

James Fallows, Atlantic (@JamesFallows)
Rebecca Blumenstein, Wall Street Journal (@RBlumenstein)
Nicole Hemmer, University of Virginia (@pastpunditry)
Dan Gillmor, Arizona State University (@dangillmor)

Facebook addresses hoaxes and fake news
Fallows on there being "no such things as facts"
Hemmer's 'Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics'
Hemmer on how Trump has turned a problem with political journalism into a crisis
Gillmor on need for Twitter, Facebook to be champions for media literacy
Wall Street Journal on liberal v. conservative Facebook

The research behind our horrible decision-making 11 MIN, 25 SEC

In decision-making framing is everything, and author Michael Lewis can tell us why it is we humans are so bad at acting rationally. Best known as the author of Moneyball and The Big Short, Lewis has a new book on how our minds work that’s told through the lens of the friendship between two Israeli psychologists who pioneered the science of decision-making. Lewis calls The Undoing Project "a love story without the sex."

Michael Lewis, Bloomberg View / Vanity Fair

The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis


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