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On the last stop of his Latin American tour, President Bush heard some tough talk today from Mexico's President Felipe Calderón. Immigration and illegal drugs are high on the agenda.  What can a lame-duck US leader do for a counter-part who's just getting started?  Also, the flap over fired US attorneys continues with reports of White House involvement.  Democrats want Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down.

Vanessa Romo
Katie Cooper
Karen Radziner

Main Topic Bush Visits Mexico, Revisits Illegal Immigration Reform 37 MIN, 17 SEC

During President Bush's first year in office, he made much of his friendship with Mexican President Vicente Fox. Then came September 11.  Today--after stops in Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Guatemala—Bush is in Mérida, Mexico for two days of talks with Fox's successor, Felipe Calderón.  Bush and Calderón are both Ivy League MBA's who support the free market and want to see immigration reform.  Nevertheless, Mexico's President had strong words for Bush today about that issue, US demand for illegal drugs and what Calderón called neglect of Mexico since September 11.  As President Bush ends his Latin American tour with Calderón, we hear about high-profile issues and low expectations. Will Calderón be a counter-force to the influence of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez?  We hear from journalists traveling with the President, political scientists and public policy experts.

Maura Reynolds, Economic Correspondent, Los Angeles Times
Daniel Lund, President, MUND Americas
Denise Dresser, Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (@DeniseDresserG)
Dan Restrepo, Latin America analyst at the Center for American Progress

Reporter's Notebook Gonzales Responds to White House Firing of US Attorneys 12 MIN, 9 SEC

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is under increasing fire from Democrats on Capitol Hill over the firing of eight US Attorneys around the country. Federal prosecutors, who serve at the pleasure of the President, are supposed to be independent of politics.  Last week, two former US attorneys told Congress they felt "leaned on" by Republicans to pursue partisan agendas. Today, Gonzales’s top aide resigned after reports that the White House was deeply involved in the firings. New York’s Democratic Senator, Charles Schumer, called for Gonzales to step down.

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate (@dahlialithwick)
Noel Francisco, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel


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