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America's largest organization of nuns and their bishops are at loggerheads over President Obama's healthcare reform. The Vatican is accusing the nuns of dissent from church doctrine and "silence" on pro-life issues. We hear about a church divided over religion and politics. Also, President Obama's partial implementation of the "DREAM Act."

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Making News Obama Announces Immigration Policy Change 7 MIN, 35 SEC

After years of dispute in Congress over the so-called "Dream Act," President Obama today announced a major change in immigration policy. The US will stop deporting some of those who were born in other countries and brought here as very young people to be raised as non-citizens. The President spoke from the White House Rose Garden, accompanied by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Between 800,000 and one million young people will be affected. Peter Wallsten is White House reporter for the Washington Post.


Peter Wallsten, Washington Post (@peterwallsten)

Main Topic The Vatican, American Nuns and the Politics of Healthcare Reform 35 MIN, 19 SEC

A leadership group of American nuns supports President Obama's healthcare reform, even though the US Conference of Bishops call it a threat to religious liberty. Now the nuns say they're "stunned" by blistering criticism and threats of de-certification by the Vatican for what it calls "doctrinal problems" and "radical feminist themes." When they went to Rome to confront Cardinal William Levada, the former Bishop of San Francisco, who's leading the the crackdown, he called it a "dialogue with the deaf." But the nuns aren't backing down. Are American Catholics caught in a battle between religious obedience and partisan politics?

John Allen, Boston Globe (@JohnLAllenJr)
Simone Campbell, Network (@sr_simone)
Stephen White, Ethics and Public Policy Center (@StephenWhite11)
Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (@lauriegnyt)

The Future Church

John L. Allen Jr.

Reporter's Notebook New Policy Offers Relief for Illegal Immigrant Youth 8 MIN, 6 SEC

As we discussed in our 'Making News' segment, President Obama has ordered a major change in American immigration policy, partial implementation of the so-called "Dream Act." The President's blocking of the deportations of hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants brought to the country as children ends a years-long standoff with Latino advocates who are crucial to the President's re-election campaign.

David Mark, Politico (@DMarkPOLITICO)
Jorge-Mario Cabrera, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (@CHIRLA)
William Perez, Claremont Graduate University

Americans By Heart

William Perez

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