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A look at election returns in Connecticut and other states. Also, an update on the ongoing violence in the Middle East and its environmental impact.
Making News Israel Approves Wider Ground Offensive in Lebanon 6 MIN, 3 SEC

Israel's Security Cabinet today voted “overwhelmingly” to send more troops deeper into Lebanon in a major extension of the ground war against Hezbollah.  Kevin Peraino, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine, has the story.

Kevin Peraino, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Newsweek

Main Topic What Do Yesterday's Primary Results Mean for the Future? 34 MIN, 13 SEC

Veteran Senator Joe Lieberman lost to Ned Lamont in yesterday's Democratic primary with 48% to Lamont's 52.  This morning Lieberman filed to run as an Independent in November's general election.  Connecticut's other Democratic Senator, Chris Dodd, said that he would honor Lieberman's decision, but hopes that voters would unite and support Lamont.  Wile all sides recognize the final result in Connecticut's senatorial primary, there's little agreement on what it means. Was it a referendum on the war in Iraq that means trouble for Republicans in other parts of the country, or will it hurt the Democrats most?  Is it a sign that moderates are a vanishing breed in both parties, whichever ends up controlling the Congress next year? We hear from reporters and political strategists, pollsters and historians.

Anne Kornblut, White House Correspondent, Washington Post
David Sirota, International Business Times (@davidsirota)
Fred Siegel, Professor of Political History, Cooper Union
John McLaughlin, Republican strategist, John McLaughlin and Associates
Sonji Jacobs, Reporter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Reporter's Notebook Environmental Damage in the Middle East 7 MIN, 51 SEC

Human deaths and injuries are not the only measure of the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. A forest in northern Israel has been devastated by Hezbollah rocket fire, but the longest-lasting environmental consequence of the fighting may be the Lebanese coast.  Mediterranean Sea beaches are blackened and fish and animals are endangered by a massive oil spill that began early in the fighting. Wael Hmaidan, former Greenpeace campaigner for the Arab World, is coordinator of the Oil Spill Working Group for environmental organizations in Lebanon.

Wael Hmaidan, Coordinator, Oil-spill Working Group in Lebanon


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