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A Walk into the Void 15 MIN, 52 SEC

In 1992, Sean Hurley set off to try and walk to walk across the country starting from Cambridge, Massachusetts. As he walked he would record his thoughts into a handheld tape recorder. He thought the hardship of the road could help him stop drinking. He made it to Ohio. The last thing he remembered, was the thought that he was done. It turns out that he shared his looks AND his demons with his uncle and grandfather.

Sean Hurley is a reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio. He's also a playwright and actor and has written songs for the Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez radio programs.

Sean and his grandfather in younger days
Photo courtesy Sean Hurley

Sean's Uncle Dick
Photo courtesy Sean Hurley

An Expediting Fee 6 MIN, 37 SEC

Next... Matteson Perry and his friend Brad were backpacking, about to cross from Thailand into Cambodia. The line across the border would take hours, standing in stifling heat. Help seems to come when the guys get an offer. If they had over their passport and $10 each, the could skip the line, so they do it. A few minutes later, they realize they might have made a huge mistake.

Matteson Perry is one of the hosts of the Moth StorySlam in Los Angeles. His first book, Available: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love, and Brunch, comes out in May and is available for pre-order now.

Matteson and Brad in Cambodia
Photo courtesy Matteson Perry


Matteson Perry

No Sleep Till Finland 6 MIN, 31 SEC

Finally... In the second story of a suite of passport stories… Comic Liz Miele is big in Finland. That's why her trip from London to Helsinki is so important to her bank account, and her well being. But bureaucracy renders her passport unusable, so she is sent on a mad dash to somehow make it on her flight.

Liz Miele is a comic based in New York. She has an album called Emotionally Exhausting.

Liz Miele
Photo courtesy Liz Miele

Episode photo: Sean Hurley on his walk


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