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LA County's Probation Department failed to meet Monday's federal deadline for all of 41 juvenile-camp reforms. Is child abuse under control? Does the staff now work 40 hours a week? Will the Department of Justice want to take charge? Also, Peter O'Malley wants to bid for the Dodgers, and a conversation with the former State Supreme Court justice who's volunteered for the Commission on violence in LA County jails. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Greek brinksmanship, the European Union and the G-20 Summit.

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Making News Dodgers Buyer Buzz 6 MIN, 23 SEC

Peter O'Malley, whose father brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles, has told the LA Times he'll be part of a bid for the team, the stadium and the parking lots now that Frank McCourt has agreed that they be auctioned off. O'Malley spoke with the LA Times, whose baseball writer is Bill Shaikin.

Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times (@BillShaikin)

Main Topic LA County's Snake-Pits for Children 11 MIN, 28 SEC

For more than a decade, kids in LA County's 14 camps for juvenile offenders have committed suicide, died from untreated illnesses, been jumped into gangs and held in solitary confinement without mental health treatment. Three years ago, federal monitors demanded 41 reforms to prevent child abuse, required staff to work a 40-hour week, not to drink on the job and to effectively rehabilitate the young people in their custody. On Monday the Probation Department missed the deadline to put those reforms into effect. Department Chief Don Blevins has been forced out after only a year on the job and a replacement will take his place in December.

Calvin Remington, Los Angeles County Probation Department
Mark Ridley-Thomas, LA County Board of Supervisors (@mridleythomas)
Connie Rice, Advancement Project in Los Angeles (@ConnieRicePCN)

Reporter's Notebook Justice Carlos Moreno on LA Jail Violence 7 MIN, 53 SEC

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca has told the Board of Supervisors his staff didn't tell him of brutal violence by deputies against inmates in county jails, including some who are mentally ill. Since the ACLU published a scathing report, the Board is creating a seven-member Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence.  So far, former federal judges Lourdes Baird and Dickran Tevrizian have been appointed, along with former State Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno.

Carlos R. Moreno, California State Supreme Court (retired)

Main Topic G-20 Meets amidst Crisis in the Eurozone 17 MIN, 26 SEC

G-20 Meets amidst Crisis in the EurozoneIn Cannes today, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (seen at left) met for two and a half hours with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Then Papandreou went home and told his parliament he was calling off his controversial referendum on the massive bailout designed to keep Greece part of the European Union. The on-again, off-again referendum has turned the G-20 Summit into a crisis meeting instead of a demonstration of economic stability. What's next for the European Union and what are the consequences for global prosperity.

Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Nick Malkoutzis, Macropolis (@NickMalkoutzis)
Karsten Voigt, German Council of Foreign Relations

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