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Meg Whitman’s lead over Steve Poizner in the Republican race for Governor has dropped from 50 to 9 points in just 3 months. What about the Democrats—and that measure to legalize marijuana on the November ballot? On Reporter’s Notebook…the Gulf oil spill…BP…and the Long Beach Aquarium. Later on… Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is getting a warm reception in Washington. How does he look in his own country?

Main Topic The Billionaire Who Fell To Earth: Whitman Drops in Polls 25 MIN

With California’s next election less than a month away, the political picture is changing…fast. In March, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman had a 50-point lead in the Republican primary for governor. Now Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has whittled that down to just 9 points.

Mark Baldassare, Public Policy Institute of California (@ppicnotes)
Joel Fox, Californians for Reforms and Jobs, Not Taxes
Darry Sragow, Democratic political consultant

Reporter's Notebook BP Oil Spill Puts Non-Profits in an Awkward Spot 30 MIN

Tomorrow, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach will open a new attraction called the BP Sea Otter Habitat. You guessed it - the sponsor—to the tune of a million dollars is the same BP now responsible for what could be the worst oil spill in US history. But the Aquarium’s president, Jerry Schubel, told the LA Times, “it never occurred” to him to drop BP from the name of the new exhibit.

Elizabeth Boris, Director, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute

Main Topic Calderon Addresses a Joint Session of Congress 25 MIN

Felipe Calderon got a standing ovation today from a joint session of Congress when he pledged to continue his all out war against violent drug cartels. Reaction was mixed when he attacked Arizona’s new immigration law and asked for the US ban on assault weapons to be reinstated. But despite today’s rare Capitol Hill appearance and last night’s White-House state dinner, critics say Calderon’s actions could be counterproductive. What about poverty, widespread corruption, and recent charges of favoritism for one drug cartel over others? Does his all-out war on drug cartels make for less violence—or more? What’s the impact on illegal immigration?

Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News (@toddgillman)
John Ackerman, National Autonomous University of Mexico (@JohnMAckerman)
Andres Rozental, veteran career diplomat in Mexico
David Shirk, University of San Diego (@shirktwit)

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