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Even before Janice Hahn declared victory in her race for Congress, City Hall insiders were among those announcing campaigns for her vacant seat on the LA City Council. We hear about some of the candidates already vying to replace her on the council. We also catch up with the commission drawing new district boundaries for Congress, the Senate and the Assembly. Is it trading its independence for another gerrymander just like the bad old days?  On our rebroadcast of today’s To the Point, is Rupert Murdoch’s empire crumbling?

Banner image: This photo of then-candidate Janice Hahn, taken on May 14, 2011, seems to fortell her Congressional victory.

Katie Cooper
Christian Bordal
Andrea Brody

Making News Janice Hahn's Solid Win in 36th Congressional Race 7 MIN, 42 SEC

Janice Hahn will succeed fellow Democrat Jane Harman in the 36th Congressional District, which runs from Venice to San Pedro. Yesterday's voter turnout was 23 percent after a nasty campaign between Hahn and Republican Craig Huey. Hahn had 55 percent to Huey's 45 percent. Even before Hahn declared victory, candidates for her City Council seat announced their campaigns. Jean Merl is following that story for the Los Angeles Times.

Jean Merl, Los Angeles Times

Main Topic Is Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire Crumbling? 26 MIN, 39 SEC

Is Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire Crumbling?Rupert Murdoch's troubles in Britain are escalating fast. Since closing his mass-circulation News of the World, he's had to buy back stock to maintain value in his vast holding company, News Corporation. Today, he abandoned plans to take full ownership of the satellite broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting. The scandal over cell phone hacking and bribery by NOW has been reported for years by the Guardian, but not much by anyone else. Then, last week, the paper revealed that its editor-in-chief had warned Prime Minister David Cameron not to hire Andy Coulson, who resigned from News of the World because of the scandal.

Alan Rusbridger, Guardian Newspaper
Roger Cohen, Columnist for the New York Times; Foreign editor for three years
Carl Bernstein, Author, journalist and the investigative reporter
Jake Bernstein, ProPublica

Main Topic Reconciling California's Congressional Districts 18 MIN, 50 SEC

The independent Citizens Redistricting Commission created by voters to draft new legislative and congressional districts released a set of new maps on June 10. But a second set, promised for tomorrow, has been withheld. Struggling to meet a final deadline of August 15, the fourteen commissioners are trying to reconcile the ethnic and racial requirements of federal law with state laws that say districts should be compact, reflect common interests and conform to the boundaries of cities and counties.

Jeanne Raya, California Citizens Redistricting Commission
Tony Quinn, Republican political consultant
Paul Mitchell, Political Data, Inc (@Political_Data)


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