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Making News 9th Circuit Asked to Allow Gay Marriages to Resume 7 MIN, 12 SEC

The Obama Administration reversed course today and said it will no longer defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act in court. Based on that, lawyers challenging Prop 8—which makes same-sex marriage illegal in California-- have asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to speed up its deliberations.

Lisa Leff, Associated Press (@scoopscout)

Main Topic Trouble on the Tracks for High-Speed Rail 13 MIN, 3 SEC

Some states are returning federal money for high-speed rail, claiming it’s a boondoggle that taxpayers can’t afford. In California, even some supporters have their doubts now that the first segment is scheduled for the Central Valley—far from the terminals in LA and San Francisco. Tonight, we’ll hear about a plan to replace political appointees who make the decisions with experts in all the specialties involved.

Alan Lowenthal, Chairman, State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee
Quentin Kopp, California High Speed Rail Authority Board (formerly)

Reporter's Notebook Caltech Basketball Team Wins 4 MIN, 44 SEC

It’s been a dramatic season for Cal Tech’s basketball team. The first victory broke an overall 44-game losing streak dating to January, 2009. They won the next game…for the first two-game streak in 18 years. Last night, a one-point victory over Occidental gave the Beavers their first victory in their NCAA conference since 1985—breaking a losing streak of 310 games.

Rick Greenwald, Producer/Director, "Quantum Hoops" A 2007 Documentary about Caltech's Basketball team

Main Topic The Case of Raymond Davis and a Crisis Between Two Uneasy allies; Washington and Islamabad 26 MIN, 56 SEC

Raymond Davis, a CIA agent, sits in a Pakistani jail while the US worries that extraordinary security might not be enough to keep him alive. The US claims Raymond Davis killed two men in self-defense during an attempted robbery. A Pakistani police report says one man was shot in the back. President Obama says he’s entitled to diplomatic immunity. But Pakistan’s President Zardari is under public pressure to hang him for murder. Pakistan claims Davis is being held under extraordinary security. But Pakistan is a country where a security guard recently shot and killed the provincial governor he was supposed to protect. The case raises a host of issues, including: competition between US and Pakistani intelligence agencies; Congressional frustration with foreign aid; and Pakistan’s buildup of its nuclear arsenal.

Eric Schmitt, New York Times (@ericschmittNYT)
Jugnu Mohsin, Publisher and Managing Editor, Friday Times
Daniel Markey, Council on Foreign Relations (@MarkeyDaniel)
Christine Fair, Georgetown University (@CChristineFair)


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