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The Brave New World of Baby-Making

Women in their 60's are setting age records for giving birth, and the fastest growing group of new mothers are those in their 40's. The medical, social and ethical issues raised by the high-tech fertility industry. Plus, the President shakes up his Iraq leadership team, and American warships are off the coast of Somalia.  What's the US role in driving the Islamic Courts movement out of power?

Making News

Bush Reshuffles His Iraq Team as Surge Rumors Swirl ()

From Baghdad to Washington, President Bush is shaking up his military, intelligence and diplomatic teams as he prepares to announce his new strategy for the war in Iraq.


Main Topic

The Baby Industry ()

In Spain this week, the world's oldest new mother gave birth to twin babies at the age of 67, as the age of possible motherhood rises higher and higher.  The fastest growing age group for motherhood is no longer 20-year olds but women in their 40's, all due to advancing fertility treatments. But the technology is developing faster than the answers to troubling questions about medicine, ethics and society as a whole.  What does the high-tech fertility industry mean for a woman's health and her baby's future? What are the social and ethical consequences of a new kind of business?  We talk to doctors, ethicists, an egg donor and a mother of children born from the eggs of another.


Reporter's Notebook

US Warships off the Coast of Somalia ()

In 1992, after 18 American solders were killed in Mogadishu, the US pulled out of Somalia, and United Nations operations were scaled down.  After 15 years of bloody chaos, the so-called Islamic Courts Union movement established some order, but now it is being driven out by forces from neighboring Ethiopia. American warships are on patrol off the coast on the eastern horn of Africa to prevent escape by sea for Islamic militiamen driven out of the capital by Ethiopian troops and jet fighter planes.


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