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Debating in D.C., Fighting in Iraq, Saving the Whales

Democratic leaders in Congress want an Iraq spending bill before the end of this week, but it will only be good through September. We’ll  get an update from Baghdad where at least twenty-five civilians were killed today by a car bomb in a crowded market, and we’ll hear about the fears of US embassy personnel inside the Green Zone. On Reporter’s Notebook, saving the whales.

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Making News

Brits Want Russians to Extradite Suspected Litvinenko Killer ()

The police believe they have apprehended the killer who administered a deadly dose of radioactive polonium-210 to  Alexander Litvinenko, former agent to the KGB. We speak with Gordon Corera, Security Correspondent for the BBC.


Main Topic

Funding the Troops; Fighting the Enemy in Iraq; Safety in the Green Zone ()

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate hope to send President Bush an Iraq spending bill by the end of this week.  It would include political benchmarks for the Iraqi government but not a timeline for withdrawal of troops.  A car bomb has killed at least 25 people and wounded 60 or more today in a Baghdad market.  Also, Inside the Green Zone, the US is building a complex that will be the largest US embassy in the world.  Waiting for it to be finished, US State Department employees are angry over what they call inadequate safety precautions. 


Reporter's Notebook

The Journey of the Whales to the Sea Continues ()

More than two-thousand whales were killed last year by commercial and scientific interests - the most since 1986.  Next week in Anchorage, the International Whaling Commission is being asked to resolve a longstanding impasse. 


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