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Will Labor Disputes Change the Face of Entertainment?

How did show business—the workplace where adults are supposed to have fun—get itself roiled in a bitter labor dispute that is crippling the industry? Guest host Lawrence O'Donnell explores the Writers Guild strike and how it might foreshadow other Hollywood labor disputes that could change the face of American entertainment in 2008. Also, protests and rioting in Pakistan as Benazir Bhutto is laid to rest, and with the Iowa Caucus less than a week away, how presidential candidates have reacted to the Bhutto assassination.

Making News

Benazir Bhutto Laid to Rest in Pakistan ()

Protests and rioting are widespread in Pakistan following the assassination and funeral of Benazir Bhutto. At least 23 people are dead. President Pervez Musharraf has laid the blame at pro-Taliban leaders. Husain Haqqani, professor of international relations at Boston, was a top aide the former Pakistani Prime Minister.


Main Topic

Standoff between Striking Hollywood Writers and the Studios ()

With the Hollywood screenwriters' strike heading into its third month and a possible actors strike looming in 2008, is Hollywood headed for a complete shutdown of production? Can the studios let that happen? What is the writers strike about? Will the studios' hard line against the writers provoke or suppress strikes by directors and actors?  Why do studios that lavish millions on stars insist that they can't afford to pay writers a few more pennies for the sale of a DVD?


Reporter's Notebook

The Bhutto Assassination and the '08 Presidential Race ()

With less than a week before Iowa voters begin the selection process that will deliver the presidential nominees to the Democrat and Republican parties, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has suddenly entered the mix of issues to which the candidates must react.



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