Can the Republicans Finally Get Down to Business?
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Can the Republicans Finally Get Down to Business?

The Republicans spent yesterday raising money for victims of Hurricane Gustav. Today, it's back to the business of nominating John McCain and his controversial ticket-mate, Sara Palin. We hear about her today, discuss the transition of leadership from George Bush to John McCain and hear about protesters outside the convention hall.  Also, Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic.

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The GOP Tries to Get Down to Business ()

With Hurricane Gustav a diminishing distraction, John McCain's convention is trying to get back on track. President Bush will speak live from the White House and former Senator Fred Thompson and former Democrat Joe Lieberman will speak in prime time, but the delegates and news media are focused on Sarah Palin. Did her daughter's pregnancy and a corruption investigation take McCain by surprise? As the torch passes from Bush to McCain inside the Excel Center, we hear about yesterday's protests and the police response outside.


Reporter's Notebook

Ron Paul's Counter-Convention ()

rally_republic.jpgRon Paul was an also-ran in the Republican primaries, but he attracted a lot of supporters. Now he's holding a three-day Rally for the Republic across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Jesse Ventura will be on hand. One of the speakers at the rally will be Bruce Fein, who held a high post in the Reagan Administration's Department of Justice. His upcoming book is Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle of Our Constitution and Democracy.


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