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America's Commitment to Haiti: How Much for How Long?
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America's Commitment to Haiti: How Much for How Long?

As the US launches a massive rescue effort in Haiti, right-wing critics are saying that resources and money are wasted in a country that's already too dependent on the rest of the world.  President Obama has promised to help "to the very end." We ask what that could mean.  Also, has the Obama Administration continued a cover-up of CIA killings at Guantanamo Bay?


Banner image: US AID Urban Search and Rescue team Miami-Dade performs search and rescue operations in Haiti, January 18, 2010. Photo: US AID Images



Making News

Update from Port-au-Prince ()

The US military has opened two new airfields in Haiti and supplies are being delivered now by helicopter and amphibious vehicles. Joe Mozingo is in Port-au-Prince for the Los Angeles Times.


Main Topic

America's Commitment to Haiti: How Much for How Long? ()

President Obama has made the US response to Haiti's earthquake a "top priority across the federal government." He says he's mobilized "every element of our national capacity" and promises the US will be there with Haiti "every step of the way." Others contend that Haiti already is over-dependent on foreign aid, and that its history and culture make it resistant to positive change. The US is fighting wars and facing enemies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. Are there security interests in Haiti, too? How long will it take?  How much will it cost? We look at the consequences of long-term involvement and of abandoning a troubled neighbor once more.

  • John Barry: Defense Correspondent, Newsweek
  • Johanna Mendelson Forman: Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies' Americas Program
  • Laurent Dubois: Professor of History and Romance Studies, Duke University
  • Bernice Robertson: Senior Analyst, International Crisis Group's Haiti, Latin America and Caribbean Program

Reporter's Notebook

Were the Hanging Deaths at Gitmo Suicide or Murder? ()

tp100119harpers-guantanamo.jpgIn 2006, the Bush Administration announced that three prisoners—one from Yemen, two from Saudi Arabia—hanged themselves at Guantánamo Bay. Now, Harper's magazine is reporting that claim was false and that the Obama Administration is participating in an ongoing cover-up. Contributing editor Scott Horton reports that the alleged suicides were more likely deaths resulting from torture at a nearby camp run by the CIA. He bases his story on what he's been told by soldiers who were willing to let him use their names.


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