Can Community Colleges Train Workers for High-Tech Jobs?
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Can Community Colleges Train Workers for High-Tech Jobs?

The President and his Republican challengers are battling over who can create more jobs. But mechanization has devastated the workforce, and Americans are not being trained for the high-tech economy of the future. How much would the President’s plan for mobilizing community colleges help? Also, gridlock melts on the payroll tax cut deal, and the death of New York Times journalist Anthony Shadid in Syria.

Banner image: President Barack Obama tours the Automotive Training Program at the Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus on June 8, 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia. Obama spoke about the importance of workforce training and preparation to compete for manufacturing jobs. Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images

Making News

Gridlock Melts on Payroll Tax Cut Deal ()

The House and the Senate today passed a $150 billion economic package, which extends the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits for the rest of this year. The voting was mixed in both parties. Gail Russell Chaddock, congressional correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, has the details.


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Can Community Colleges Keep High-Tech Jobs at Home? ()


Reporter's Notebook

New York Times Journalist Anthony Shadid Dies in Syria ()

For almost 20 years, Anthony Shadid reported on Middle East conflict for the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Associated Press and, most recently, the New York Times. Just two weeks ago, he appeared on this program, reporting from Beirut on the latest shelling by government forces in Homs, Syria. Yesterday, Shadid was in Syria itself, where he'd been for a week. He died, apparently of an asthma attack. His body was carried into Turkey by his New York Times photographer, Tyler Hicks. Now managing editor Susan Chira, worked closely with Shadid in her previous post as Times' foreign editor.

(Shadid's House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East is due out March 27.)


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