Who is Chuck Hagel and Why Are Republicans so Angry?
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Who is Chuck Hagel and Why Are Republicans so Angry?


Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel is President Obama’s latest choice for Defense Secretary. Fellow Republicans are calling him incompetent, anti-gay and anti-Semitic, but confirmation is considered likely. Supporters say the first former enlisted man and first Vietnam vet to hold the job would not waste either the lives of American soldiers or billions of dollars. What would an outspoken maverick contemptuous of the Washington establishment mean for the Pentagon—and defense of the nation? Also, will new electronics create any “wows” in Las Vegas?


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Connectedness on Display at the Consumer Electronics Show ()

The International Consumer Electronics Show gets under way today in Las Vegas.  What will your refrigerator be saying to your smart phone? 

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Obama Puts His Money on Hagel ()

As President Obama proposes a new security team, fellow Republicans are unloading on former Senator Chuck Hagel, the choice for secretary of defense. Nebraska’s former Senator, Chuck Hagel, is President Obama’s choice to succeed Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense.  He’s aroused the wrath of fellow Republicans, who are calling him “anti-gay” and “anti-Semitic.”  But one reporter says Hagel’s real “sin” was being right about President Bush and the war in Iraq. Does Israel need “tough love” from the US?  What about deep cuts in the Pentagon?                         

Reporter's Notebook

Health Officials Say Flu Season is Harshest in Years ()

The Centers for Disease Control predicted a bad flu season this year, and it’s happening—from Texas to Florida, in Boston and in Philadelphia—where one hospital has set up a tent outside the ER. 

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