As Iran Warms up to the West, is the West Warming Up to Iran?
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As Iran Warms up to the West, is the West Warming Up to Iran?


Israel’s Netanyahu has thrown cold water on Iran’s “charm offensive,” but President Obama and other leaders take it more seriously. Is there a chance of working out a nuclear settlement by easing up on economic sanctions? Will Netanyahu and hardliners in Congress try to scuttle the deal?

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Making News

Day 2 of the Government Shutdown ()

Because of the government shutdown, President Obama has canceled part of his upcoming trip to Asia. He invited the four party leaders from the House and the Senate to the White House at 5:30 this evening. In public, they’re as scathing as ever. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid told reporters he telephoned Speaker John Boehner and told him House Republicans should stop playing “these foolish games…”


Main Topic

Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani's "charm offensive" ()

When Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani was at the United Nations last week, President Obama made history by calling him on the phone—for the first direct contract between the leaders of Iran and the US in almost 35 years. But there was no face-to-face meeting—or even a handshake. And when he got home, Rouhani told local reporters he was the one who had turned down an invitation... 5 times.


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A public school in New Jersey fields 18 sports teams in a year, including golf and bowling. The campus has lush grass fields, six tennis courts and an athletic Hall of Fame. That’s not unusual in American schools, but what are the tradeoffs?


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