Is the World Ready for Self-Driving Cars?
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Is the World Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

The cars of today are almost fully automated, and the smart technology for driverless cars has now been developed. Why don't we have them? We hear about possible benefits and the potential problems. Also, retailers panic over holiday shopping, and movie releases in time for the Oscars.

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Retailers Panic over Holiday Shopping ()

Once upon a time, America's retailers stayed closed out of respect for Thanksgiving Day, and holiday shopping began on what came to be called Black Friday. But that's ancient history, and this year, Walmart offered pre-Black Friday sales fully a week early. Daniel Gross is business editor for the Daily Beast.


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Is the World Ready for Self-Driving Cars? ()

Cars already have power steering, cruise control, anti-lock brakes and rear-view cameras. They stay between lane lines, avoid tailgating and park themselves. Auto makers in the US, Japan and Europe have exhibited cars that can drive themselves. Driverless cars are already legal in California, Nevada, Florida and the District of Columbia -- provided they're safe and fully insured. Google has driverless cars on the roads of California. Since 90% of accidents are caused by human drivers, why don't we get rid of them altogether? Does that mean you're going to be driving one any time soon? We hear about technology, liability law, and the willingness of consumers to accept what's billed as the car of the future. 


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Which Holiday Movies Are Award Contenders? ()

Movie studios pitch to the younger audiences and the biggest crowds in the summer. During the holiday, between Thanksgiving and New Year's, it's more about quality -- and it's always all about Oscars. Anthony Breznican is senior writer and chief Oscar correspondent for Entertainment Weekly magazine.





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