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Is Phil Angelides Ready for Late-Night TV?

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Phil Angelides wants equal time with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, but NBC refuses to grant it. We hear why Angelides is not the only candidate who has trouble getting the message on TV. Plus, in Santa Ana, the first indictment for Treason since World War II.

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Federal Grand Jury Indicts American al Qaeda with Treason ()

A native of Orange County is the first American charged with treason since World War II.  He is Adam Yahiye Gadahn, also known as Azzam Al-Amriki.  A convert to Islam who's believed to be overseas, he has appeared in five al Qaeda videos, most recently with Ayman Al-Zawahiri, number two to Osama bin Laden.


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Is Phil Angelides Ready for Late-Night TV? ()

Action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, and tonight he'll be back to share a few jokes--at a crucial moment in his campaign for re-election.  His Democratic opponent, Phil Angelides, wants equal time, but NBC claims he's not entitled.  Just a month before the election, the incident dramatizes how crucial television can be in a modern election.  In California, the biggest media state of all, most candidates can't even afford it. 


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