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LA Arts District Loses Its BID, Will Others Follow?

There are 39 Business Improvement Districts, or BID's, in Los Angeles, where private patrols and cleanup crews provide services in neglected neighborhoods. The Arts District is said to have been transformed by a BID, but some property owners claimed it wasn't worth the fees they were charged, and a judge shut the BID down. Is the Arts District falling into decay? Are other BID's at risk of legal action? Why doesn't the city do its job? Also, the LA City Council joins the plastic bag ban.

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Making News

LA City Council Votes to Ban Plastic Bags ()

If you shop for shoes, clothes, kitchen supplies or groceries in the City of Los Angeles, forget about taking them home in plastic bags. The City Council today voted 11-to-one to ban plastic bags, and you'll have to bring your own reusable container or pay 10¢ for a plastic bag. Councilman Paul Koretz, whose district runs from West LA into the West San Fernando Valley, authored the measure.


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Are Business Improvement Districts on the Way Out? ()

Many artists moved into the eastern edge of downtown Los Angeles because of cheap rents for available space in warehouses and lofts. Homeless people were left alone. Then landlords agreed to pay fees for a Business Improvement District, or BID, that provided security, trash removal and marketing to lure investors. The district, one of nine in downtown alone, is now a hot real-estate market. Was the BID responsible for gentrification? For the past two years there's been dispute over whether it should continue. Recently, a judge settled the issue by ordering the BID to disband, as KCRW producer Evan George reports.



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