The Whistleblower Who Wants Sheriff Baca's Job
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The Whistleblower Who Wants Sheriff Baca's Job

For 80 years, no LA Sheriff has been replaced by an election. The County is so big that no challenger can beat the one listed on the ballot as the "incumbent." But current Sheriff Lee Baca is now tarnished by scandal, and so is his best-known opponent, former undersheriff and Mayor of Gardena, Paul Tanaka. We hear about the dark horse who blew the whistle, Bob Olmsted. Also, LA County: the nation's capital of undocumented workers is also the capitol of immigration fraud.

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Reporter's Notebook

Scamming the Undocumented ()

USC's Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration has reported that 10% of all the people in LA County are illegal immigrants. That makes this the national capital of immigration fraud. Saul Gonzalez has a special report from Sonic Trace, KCRW's Independent Producer Project.


Maria Gutierrez (R) with her lawyer Gina Amato Lough
of the legal aid organization Public Counsel


You can read more about immigration fraud — in English and Spanish — and see photos of Maria Gutierrez at For more stories from KCRWs Sonic Trace, which tells the stories of immigrants in Southern California, visit trace


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Can Bob Olmsted Become a Household Word in LA County? ()

As the incumbent Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca should be a shoo-in for re-election. In two recent cases dealing with jail violence, juries have socked Baca and other deputies with punitive damages. The recent Commission on Jail Violence said, if Baca were a corporation executive, he would have been fired. His main opponent, former Undersheriff and Mayor of Gardena, Paul Tanaka, was tarnished even worse. Their potential problems have focused attention on the man who blew the whistle on jailhouse brutality: Bob Olmsted. He's the subject of a profile by Gene Maddaus in the LA Weekly.



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