Fast Train, Budget Drain
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Fast Train, Budget Drain

Amid Governor Jerry Brown's cross-California budget tour today, there are questions about his proposal to help fund high-speed rail between LA and San Francisco. But Brown says a bullet train is doable. Guest host Steve Chiotakis hears from both sides of the debate over whether or not we go on the fast track toward alternative transportation. Also, bidding adieu to dining with a view at LAX. Why does an iconic structure sit empty?

On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, On our rebroadcast of today’s To the Point, Americans have no appetite for sending troops to intervene in civil wars, and yet, with al Qaeda militants fighting for control of Fallujah and Ramadi, some veterans of the Iraq war are wondering why so many of our troops died to capture those cities. Guest host Judy Muller looks at al Qaeda's resurgence in the Middle East and what it means to the United States. Guest host Judy Muller looks at al Qaeda's resurgence in the Middle East and what it means to the United States.

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Fast Train, Budget Drain ()

More than five years ago, voters in California overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to approve selling bonds for a groundbreaking high-speed rail project. Legal woes have stalled funding for the train, and now the governor wants to help pay for it with proceeds from the state's cap-and-trade law. However, not everybody’s on board. Support for a bullet train has waned, to the point that more people now want the project halted, than to go on.


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Cancelled Flight for LAX's Iconic Encounter Restaurant ()

If you've never had a Mad Men-style cocktail or done some Space Age dining with amazing views at the Encounter restaurant in the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport, it's too late. The four-legged spider-looking building constructed in 1961, quietly shut down at the end of last year. Brett Snyder is blogger at the Cranky Flier, an LA aviation website.



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