Gentry Battles Gonzo in a Changing Venice
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Gentry Battles Gonzo in a Changing Venice

Beat poets and hippies made Venice Beach a kind of retreat from middle class conformity, a place where being "different" was looked on as an asset. It was a haven for artists who hadn't made it yet and, even after it was discovered by wealthy celebrities, Venice retained a laid-back culture of tolerance. But recent gentrification and commercialization have led to a culture clash. Is that still going on or is it a thing of the past? Also, an emergency shutdown at California's only remaining nuclear power plant.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, oil pipelines are laid down every day, but the one called Keystone XL has become a test of President Obama's environmental legacy. What are the possible consequences for climate change — and the economy? Will he make a decision before the midterm elections? Could that determine who controls the Senate?


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Is Venice Losing Its Soul? ()

The Venice Boardwalk is one of LA's most popular tourist attractions, but recently it's been the scene of high profile crimes. Last summer, a car was driven past a barrier post and killed a woman on the pedestrian walkway. In December, a homeless man was beaten on Ocean Front Walk. The LAPD has announced a three-month pilot program, including the increased presence of officers on bicycles. Is Venice's unique culture a still going on or is it a thing of the past?


Diablo Canyon and the Future of Fault Line Nuclear Plants ()

Diablo Canyon, on the coast west of San Luis Obispo, is California's last nuclear power station, supplying 10% of the state's electricity. On Sunday, Unit 2 shut down, leaving Unit 1 to operate by itself until the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the PG&E, determines what went wrong.  John Timmer is Science Editor for Ars Technica, a website for technology news and information. 



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