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Gina Pollack
Harold Pollack
Helen Ross Professor at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago and an Executive Committee member of its Center for Health Administration Studies
Jonathan Pollack
Interim SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies in the Center for East Asia Policy Studies and senior fellow of the China Center at the Brookings Institution; author of 'No Exit: North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and International Security'
Joshua Pollack
Senior research associate at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey and editor of the the Nonproliferation Review
Kenneth Pollack
Senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy
Ron Pollack
Founding Executive Director of Families USA, a national, nonprofit healthcare-advocacy group for consumers
Kevin Pollak
American actor, impressionist, comedian and host of Kevin Pollack's Chat Show
Michael Pollan
Contributing writer to the New York Times ; Professor of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley; author of several books on food, including The Omnivore's Dilemma , In Defense of Food : An Eater's Manifesto, The Botany of Desire : A Plant's-Eye View of the World and Cooked : A Natural History of Transformation
Sarah Polley
Actress and director
Robert Pollin
Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and co-director of its Political Economy Research Institute
Katha Pollitt
Columnist for The Nation and author of six books and three collections of essays on women and feminism
Karen Pollitz
Senior fellow at the Kaiser Health Foundation, she previously worked on the Affordable Care Act at the Department of Health and Human Services
Alex Pollock
Resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute; former banker
Elizabeth Pollock
Software company employee who has kept up with her mortgage payments despite being underwater on her condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Naomi Pollock
Author, Made in Japan: 100 New Products
Tom Pollock
Film producer
L.A.-based trio Pollyn mix disco beats into a frenzy and give us the lowdown on their high profile remixes for Gorillaz and Buffalo Daughter when they join Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
Dick Polman
Chief National Political Writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer , he also has an online column at DickPolman.blogspot.com
Gavin Polone
Former manager and agent who went on to found production company Pariah Entertainment
Jules Polonetsky
Director and Co-Chair of the Future of Privacy Forum, an industry-sponsored think tank; former chief privacy officer for AOL , he served as the Commissioner for the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs under Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Daniel Polsky
Executive Director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania
The Polyphonic Spree
A couple of dozen musicians make up The Polyphonic Spree when they return with their uplifting songs on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am. KCRW thanks The Village for helping broadcast this session live from their studios
Peter Pomerantsev
Television producer in London and author of Nothing Is True and Everything in Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia
William Pomeranz
Deputy Director of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC
John Pomfret
Reporter and former Beijing Bureau Chief, for the Washington Post, and editor of its Outlook section; author of Chinese Lessons : 5 Classmates and the Story of the New China
David Pommerehn
Senior Counsel and Assistant Vice President at the Consumer Bankers Association
Mimi Pond
Writer and cartoonist
Steve Pond
Awards editor and columnist with The Wrap and author of 'The Big Show: High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage at the Academy Awards'
James Poniewozik
Chief television critic for the New York Times
Ramesh Ponnuru
Senior editor at the National Review and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute; author of 'The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life'
James Ponsoldt
American film director, actor and screenwriter
Kevin Ponthier
Julie Ponzi
Fellow at the Claremont Institute, a conservative think-tank based in Southern California
Ai-jen Poo
Director for National Domestic Workers Alliance
Chuck Poochigian
State Senator from Fresno and the Republican Candidate for State Attorney General
Robert Poole
Director of Transportation Studies at the Reason Foundation
William Poole
Senior Fellow at the CATO institute and former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
Eric Pooley
Contributor to Time magazine and author of Climate Wars, the forthcoming book on the politics of climate change
Los Angeles-based "daytime disco" duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise
Aziz Poonawalla
Author of the City of Brass blog on Beliefnet.com, and Hartwell Foundation Fellow , researching Magnetic Resonance Imaging, at the University of Wisconsin
Pop Levi
Pop Levi blends freaky folk and innocent glam creating his own unique sound on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
Iggy Pop
American singer-songwriter, musician and actor, born James Newell Osterberg, Jr.
Hugh Pope
Director Program Director of the Turkey/Cyprus Project at the International Crisis Group; author of Sons of the Conquerors : The Rise of the Turkic World and co-author of Turkey Unveiled : A History of Modern Turkey; former Middle East Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal
Kyle Pope
Editor in Chief and Publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review
Tudor Popescu
Volunteer coordinator with a local chapter of Indivisible.
Ben Popken
Editor of Consumerist.com , an online consumer advocacy blog owned by Consumers Union and based in Brooklyn, New York
Dan Popkey
Columnist and reporter for the Idaho Statesman in Boise
Barry Popkin
Economist and nutrition epidemiologist who heads the University of North Carolina's Interdisciplinary Obesity Center, and author of The World Is Fat : The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products that are Fattening the Human Race
Samuel Popkin
Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego, and author of  The Candidate : What It Takes to Win -- and Hold -- the White House; consultant to Bill Clinton and Al Gore's presidential campaigns
Srdja Popovic
Executive Director, Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies in Belgrade, a nonprofit that educates activists about non-violent strategies used by the Serbian pro-democracy movement; has worked with activists involved in several of the Arab Spring uprisings.
Luke Popovich
Vice President of Communications for the National Mining Association , an industry trade group based in Washington, DC
Suzanne Poppema
Retired Seattle abortion provider; member of the Board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health
Nathaniel Popper
finance and technology correspondent for The New York Times and author of 'Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money'
Tom Popper
President of Insight Cuba, a travel company that’s been operating trips to the island for 15 years
Justin Poree
Vocalist-percussionist with the Los Angeles-based band Ozomatli
Rick Porras
Producer of the Lord of the Rings movies, his new projects are Harlem Hellfighters and The Lost Patrol
Jonathon Porritt
Chair of the High Carbon Stock Study Steering Committee, a study lead by 50 independent scientists commissioned by a group of Asian oil palm growers, agribusiness giant Cargill and consumer goods firm Unilever
Port O'Brien
Port O'Brien earned their seafaring references the old fashioned way; by spending summers in Alaskan canneries. The band played our SXSW showcase last year and we’re happy to welcome their on air debut on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
Anthony Portantino
California Assemblyman representing the 44th Assembly District , which includes Pasadena and environs; formerly worked in film and television production
Superchunk member Mac McCaughan brings his sideproject, Portastatic, to Morning Becomes Eclectic. Click HERE to Watch Video!
Marc Porter Zasada
The Urban Man with Marc Porter Zasada’s poetic meditation on life in Los Angeles.
Catherine Porter
Policy Director for the California Healthy Nail Salons Collaborative
Elizabeth Porter
Senior Vice President of Specials and Talent for Comedy Central
Katherine Porter
California Monitor , she was appointed by California’s attorney general to oversee the mortgage settlement with banks; Professor of Law at the University of California Irvine School of Law
Kathleen Porter-Magee
Senior Director of the High Quality Standards Program at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Brian Porter-Szücs
Professor of history at the University of Michigan, his field of study includes the history of Catholicism; author of 'Faith and Fatherland: Catholicism, Modernity, and Poland'
Natalie Portman
John Portmann
Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia and author of A History of Sin : How Evil Changes, but Never Goes Away
Neil Portnow
President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)
Sarah Portnoy
Assistant professor of Spanish at USC; author of the new book “Food, Health, and Culture in Latino Los Angeles”
Portugal. The Man
American Rock band
Barry Posen
Professor of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and director of its Security Studies Program; author of 'Restraint: A New Foundation for US Grand Strategy'
Eric Posner
Professor of Law at the University of Chicago; co-author of Terror in the Balance : Security, Liberty and the Courts and  The Limits of International Law
Israel Posner
Executive Director of the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Sarah Posner
Reporter for the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, who recently co-wrote a Mother Jones piece, How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream: The full story of his connection with far-right extremists. Associate Editor at ReligionDispatches.org and author of 'God's Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters'
Maurice Possley
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and researcher for the National Registry of Exonerations
The Postelles
New York city band
The Postmarks
Ben Poston
Staff writer for Los Angeles Times
Virginia Postrel
Columnist for Bloomberg View
Donato Poto
Co-owner and general manager of Providence , a restaurant in Los Angeles, California
Mark Potok
Director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Montgomery, Alabama, and editor of its Intelligence Report
Jonathan Potter
Executive Director of the Digital Media Association
Maximillian Potter
Journalist and author of “Shadows in the Vineyard: The True Story of the Plot to Poison the World’s Greatest Wine.”
Trevor Potter
Attorney at Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, DC and president of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center ; former commissioner and chairman of the Federal Election Commission (1991-1995)
Wendell Potter
Author of the forthcoming book 'Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do about It;' former senior fellow on healthcare at the Center for Media and Democracy; former head of corporate communications for CIGNA, the country's fourth-largest insurer
John Pottow
Professor of Bankruptcy Law at the University of Michigan 
Mark Potts
Internet and media consultant and entrepreneur ; Blogger at Recovering Journalist
Brett Poulos
National Media Liaison for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
James Poulos
Columnist at The Week and a senior contributor to The Federalist, a web magazine focused on politics, policy and culture, with a conservative take on social issues
Kevin Poulsen
Investigative editor at Wired and author of Kingpin : How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground
Dick Pound
Founding President of the World Anti-Doping Agency
Brittany Pounders
Guest columnist for the Toronto Sun, and founder and blogger at Liberty Juice
William Poundstone
Blogger on ArtInfo.com and author of 13 books, including Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?
Haydn Povey
Founder of Secure Thingz, a start-up focused on enabling secure manufacturing technology, and Executive Steering Group member of the IoT Security Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the UK
Lynn Povich
Former editor at Newsweek magazine; author of The Good Girls Revolt : How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace
Lucas Powe
Professor of Law and Government at the University of Texas, specializing in Supreme Court History. His latest books are: The Warren Court and American Politics and The Supreme Court and The American Elite, 1789-2008. He joins us from Austin.
Bill Powell
Shanghai Bureau Chief for Time magazine
Caleb Powell
Taiwan-born, American-raised teacher and author
D.A. Powell
Poet , editor of the online magazine Electronic Poetry Review and 2010 winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for Chronic

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