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Chris Peterson
Astronomer and Research Associate at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
David Peterson
Duane Peterson
Former Chief of Staff to Tom Hayden
Gilles Peterson
British-based Swiss DJ, record collector and record label owner
J. Scott Peterson
Senior vice president of communications for the Nuclear Energy Institute
James Braxton Peterson
Director of Africana Studies and Professor of English at Lehigh University. He also hosts “The Remix” podcast on Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate, WHYY
Lee Peterson
Environment and Health Reporter for the Daily Breeze
Lowell Peterson
Executive Director of the Writers Guild of America, East 
Paul E. Peterson
Professor of Government at Harvard University and Director of its Program on Education Policy and Governance ; senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and Editor-In-Chief of Education Next , a journal of opinion and research
Per Peterson
Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley
Scott Peterson
Staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor and author of 'Let the Swords Encircle Me: Iran–A Journey behind the Headlines'
James Pethokoukis
Columnist and blogger at The American, the online magazine of the American Enterprise Institute, money and politics columnist for Reuters BreakingViews and a regular contributor to CNBC
Dreamy folk trio Petracovich is getting great reviews for their new release, with the LA Weekly calling it “insightful, evocative” pop folk. Singer Jessica Peters draws from very personal material for her new songs, which strike close to the heart. Hear it live when they join Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session at 11:15am.
Laura Petrecca
New York City Deputy Bureau Chief for USA Today
Michael Petrilli
Executive Vice President for National Programs and Policy at the Fordham Institute, a think-tank focused on K-12 education policy; author of No Child Left Behind and The Diverse Schools Dilemma : A Parent's Guide to Socioeconomically Mixed Public Schools
Gianna Petro
Individual Giving Associate
Tom Petruno
Business reporter for the Los Angeles Times
Marco Petruzzi
President and CEO of Green Dot Charter Schools
Annie Petsonk
International Counsel at Environmental Defense and Adjunct Professor of Law at the George Washington University; former staffer in the administrations of Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and the United Nations Environment Program
Sierra Pettengill
Per Petterson
Norwegian novelist
David Pettit
Senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council
Elliott Petty
Director of the Healthy Grocery Stores Project at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Shannon Pettypiece
Healthcare reporter for Bloomberg News
April Peveteaux
Celiac sufferer
Joe Pezzini
Vice President of Operations for Ocean Mist Farms , based in Castroville in central California
John Pfaff
Professor at Fordham Law School
Anshel Pfeffer
Reporter and columnist for the Israeli daily newspaper, Ha'aretz
Wally Pfister
Academy Award-winning cinematographer, now film director
Nancy Pfotenhauer
Spokeswoman and economic advisor to John McCain ; former CEO of the Independent Women's Forum , a conservative public policy advocacy organization
Nancy Pfund
Managing partner of DBL Investors, a venture capitalist group in San Francisco, California
J. Peter Pham
Africa Center Director at the Atlantic Council, a Washington think-tank, and a civilian advisor to US troops in Uganda
Vy Pham
American electronic rock duo
Walid Phares
Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and Director of its Future of Terrorism project; instructor in Global Strategies at National Defense University in Washington DC; author of Future Jihad : Terrorist Strategies against the West, The War of Ideas : Jihadism against Democracies, and The Confrontation : Winning the war against Future Jihad
Eric Jon Phelps
Eric is the pastor of rural Pennsylvania's Reformation Bible Puritan Baptist Church.
Ben Phelps-Rohrs
Oakland warehouse fire witness.
Ann Philbin
Director of the Hammer Museum , located near the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles in Westwood
Lisa Phillian
Same-sex wedding officiate based Rosemead, California
Abby Phillip
Reporter for the Washington Post
Amber Phillips
Reporter for the Washington Post; former Washington correspondent for the Las Vegas Sun
Anna Phillips
Reporter for the LA Times.
Arianne Phillips
Costume designer
Chris Phillips
Managing editor of Pacific Maritime magazine
Christopher Phillips
Professor of history at the University of Cincinnati and author of the forthcoming book, 'The 'Rivers Ran Backward: The Civil War on the Middle Border and the Making of American Regionalism
Frank Phillips
State House Bureau Chief for the Boston Globe
Gary Phillips
Former community activist and director of the MultiCultural Collaborative; crime novelist whose first book was Violent Spring , set in the aftermath of the 1992 riots
Grant Lee Phillips
Kathryn Phillips
Executive director of the Sierra Club of California
Kevin Phillips
Author of many books on American politics, including The Emerging Republican Majority , American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century and Bad Money : Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism; Republican strategist during the Nixon Administration
Matt Phillips
Economics reporter for Quartz
Michael Phillips
Co-founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters
Sandy Phillips
Parent of Jessica Ghawi, an Aurora, Colorado mass shooting murder victim
Todd Phillips
Film writer, director and producer
Tom Philpott
Food and agriculture correspondent for Mother Jones magazine
Constantine Phipps
French alternative rock band
Charles Phoenix
Author and pop-culture humorist specializing in Americana
Working moniker of American singer-songwriter Matthew Houck
Rich Pianka
Deputy General Counsel for the American Trucking Association
Renzo Piano
Principal of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop , an architectural firm with offices in Paris, France and Genoa, Italy
Eric Pica
Director of Domestic Policy Campaigns at Friend of the Earth
Carissa Picard
President of Military Spouses for Change , a nonpartisan advocacy group for members of the military and their families, and creator of MilSpousePress.com ; wife of a Blackhawk pilot based at Fort Hood , Texas
Phillip Picardi
Digital editor for Teen Vogue
Ted Piccone
Senior fellow and Deputy Director for Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution; former Latin America Policy Advisor in the Clinton Administration
Joe Pichirallo
Former executive at Overbrook Entertainment, Fox Searchlight and Focus Features; film overseer for The Gold Company, a production company headed by Eric Gold, whose clients include Jim Carrey and Ellen Degeneres; one of the producers of The Secret Life of Bees and Lakeview Terrace
Morris Pichon
A resident of Pacoima, he co-edits a local newsletter Pacoima Today; former member of the neighborhood council there
Casey Pick
Programs Director for the Log Cabin Republicans
Thomas Pickering
Vice Chairman of the consulting firm, Hills & Company ; former Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs (1997-2001) and Ambassador to the United Nations (1989-1992)
Steven Picou
Professor of sociology at the University of South Alabama, he’s studied ecological disasters for 30 years, including the Exxon Valdez disaster
Roger Pielke, Jr.
Professor at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado and author of The Climate Fix : What Scientists and Politicians Won't Tell You about Global Warming
Lindsay Pieper
Assistant professor of sport management at Lynchburg College; Author of “Sex Testing: Gender Policing in Women’s Sports”
Richard Pierard
Professor Emeritus at Indiana State University; historian of the evangelical movement in the US, his books include The American Church Experience , Civil Religion and the Presidency and The Unequal Yoke : Evangelical Christianity and Political Conservatism
David Pierce
Senior writer for Wired
Emily Pierce
Deputy Editor for Roll Call
Greg Pierce
Writer of the daily Inside Politics blog at the conservative Washington Times
John Pierce
Co-founder and spokesman of OpenCarry.org , an online community supporting the unconcealed carrying of properly holstered handguns
Olga Pierce
Reporter, Pro Publica
Marc Pierini
Visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe focusing on the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective; former European Union ambassador to Turkey
Robert Pierre
Reporter for the Washington Post
Raymond Pierrehumbert
Professor of physics at the University of Oxford
Paul Pierson
Professor of Political Science at the University of California at Berkeley, and author of Winner-Take-All Politics : How Washington Made the Rich Richer--and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class
Tommie Pierson
Pastor of Greater St. Mark Family Church in St. Louis
Pieta Brown
Pieta Brown performs her pretty songs solo and acoustic for Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
Paolo Pietropaolo
Independent Producer
Steven Pifer
Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and Director of its Arms Control Initiative; co-author of 'The Opportunity: Next Steps in Reducing Nuclear Arms;' former US Ambassador to Ukraine
Pigeon John
Hip-hop veteran Pigeon John displays the funny side of rap on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
John Pike
Defense and intelligence expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org , a defense-research group
Richard Pildes
A professor of law at the New York University School of Law
Paul Pillar
Non-resident senior fellow and former Director of Graduate Studies at Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies, and nonresident senior fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution; author of Intelligence and US Foreign Policy : Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform; 28-year veteran US intelligence officer, including as National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia at the CIA
Charles Piller
Investigative reporter for the Sacramento Bee ; former investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times
Sarah Pillsbury
filmmaker and community organizer
Dave Pilon
CEO of Mental Health America of Los Angeles, which advocates for changes in mental health and wellness policy
Roger Pilon
Vice president for legal affairs at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank; senior staffer in the Reagan Administration, dealing with human rights and political asylum issues
Ken Pimlott
Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Stephanie Pincetl
Director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA
Darryl Pinckney
American novelist, playwright, and essayist and long time contributor to the New York Review of Books
Walter Pincus
National security reporter for the Washington Post
Chellie Pingree
President of Common Cause
Pink Martini
Pink Martini return to KCRW to perform an intoxicating mix scanning the world of music from cabaret to classical. We catch up with these station favorites at 11:15am.

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