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Carl Shepro
Professor of Political Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage
Andrew Sher
Principal attorney of Sher Law Firm, which represents Texas landowners who have been impacted by oil spills.
Julian Sher
Investigative journalist and the author of two books about motorcycle gangs: “The Road to Hell” and “Angels of Death: Inside the Biker’s Global Crime Empire.”
Richard Sher
Richard Sher produces and hosts Says You! He is also the president and founder of Pipit & Finch, a marketing and media Development Company.
Stacey Sher
Film producer, who’s been nominated for Academy Awards for her films Django Unchained and Erin Brockovich. 
Tom Sherak
Newly elected president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and a consultant to Marvel Studios ; former chairman of Fox's domestic film group and a 17-year veteran of the studio when he left to become a partner in Joe Roth's Revolution Studios
Mary Beth Sheridan
National reporter for the Washington Post
James Sherk
Bradley Fellow in Labor Policy at the Heritage Foundation
Brad Sherman
Democratic Congressman representing the Southern California's 27th District in the San Fernando Valley, first elected in 1997
Harris Sherman
Deputy Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment , overseeing the US Forest Service; former Executive Director of Colorado's Department of Natural Resources
Jake Sherman
Congressional reporter for Politico
David Shern
President and CEO of Mental Health America
Ian Sherr
News Editor at CNET
Cynthia Sherrill
Santa Monica resident whose son attends school on Mulholland Drive; strategic planning consultant, primarily in the education field
Aqeela Sherrills
Principal of the Reverence Project, a nonprofit that helps counsel victims of violence; long-time South LA community organizer
Terry Sherry
Co-owner of Pedego Electric Bikes
Philip Sherwell
Americas reporter and former chief foreign correspondent for the Daily Telegraph in London
Harriet Sherwood
Correspondent for the Guardian
Robbie Sherwood
Political reporter for the Arizona Republic
Tim Shestek
Senior Director of State Affairs for the American Chemistry Council, a national group representing chemical and plastics manufacturers.
Eric Shevin
Attorney in Sherman Oaks who specializes state and city marijuana regulations
Lilia Shevtsova
Senior Associate at Carnegie's Moscow Center and author of Putin's Russia
Tei Shi
Stage name of Argentine-born, New York-based singer-songwriter and producer Valerie Teicher
Baraa Shiban
Yemen Project Coordinator with Reprieve; a human rights organization based in London
Kurt Shickman
Executive Director of the Global Cool Cities Alliance, which promotes ways for cities to cool themselves down
Charles Shields
Biographer of the best-selling book “Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee"
David Shields
Novelist and short story writer, and Professor of English at the University of Washington
Jared Shier
Architectural designer at Gensler
Heidi Shierholz
Economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a progressive think-tank in Washington, DC
Michael Shifter
Vice President for Policy at the Inter-American Dialogue , a research organization based in Washington, DC
Gerry Shih
Tech reporter for Reuters in San Francisco
Khalil Shikaki
Director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research , which conducts polling research on Palestinians living in the Palestinian territories
Robert Shiller
Professor of Economics at Yale and author of Irrational Exuberance and The New Financial Order : Risk in the 21st Century; Chief Economist for the consulting firm MacroMarkets LLC
Izumi Shimada
Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University, he launched the Sicán Archaeological Project in 1978
Mike Shimpock
Spokesman for the Yes on D , No on F campaign
Annys Shin
Staff writer for the Washington Post
Gi-Wook Shin
Director of the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University
Conor Shine
Reporter at the Las Vegas Sun
Paul Shinkman
National security and defense correspondent at US News & World Report
David Shinn
Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University; former Ambassador to Ethiopia (1996-1999), he served as the Deputy Director of the Somali Task Force and Coordinator for Somalia (1992-1993)
The Shins
American indie rock band
Robert Shireman
Former Deputy Undersecretary at the US Department of Education; former President of the Institute for College Access and Success , a nonprofit advocacy group for disadvantaged students, and former Congressional appointee to the Federal Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance
John Shirey
Executive Director of the California Redevelopment Association
Ara Shirinian
Student columnist at the Daily Bruin
David Shirk
Assistant professor of political science at the University of San Diego and director of its "Justice in Mexico" research initiative  
Clay Shirky
Professor of new media at New York University's School of Interactive Telecommunications and author of 'Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age'
Richard Shiver
City Commissioner in Daytona Beach, Florida
Amity Shlaes
Chair of the board of trustees at the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation; Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, syndicated columnist for Bloomberg and author of The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression
Shosh Shlam
Filmmaker; director of 'Wed Junkie'
Michael Shnayerson
Contributing editor at Vanity Fair
Kimberly Shoaf
Assistant Director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters
David Shoemaker
Writer for Grantland and Deadspin, and author of the book The Squared Circle: Life, Death, and Pro Wrestling.
Lorie Shoemaker
Chief Nurse Executive for Palomar Pomerado Health
Tom Shoop
Editor in Chief of Government Executive , a monthly business magazine serving senior executives and managers in the federal government's departments and agencies
Russell Shorto
Director of the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam, and a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine
Donald Shoup
Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA  and author of The High Cost of Free Parking
Shout Out Louds
Swedish indie pop band
Andy Shrader
Deputy of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability for Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz
Tony Shreeve
Local Tea Party organizer in Dandridge, Tennessee and member of American Patriotic Taxpayers
Bobby Shriver
Candidate for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; former Santa Monica City Councilman; son of Sargent and Eunice Shriver, and the nephew of President Kennedy
Lionel Shriver
American journalist and author
Tom Shroder
Author of Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal
Mohammed Shtayyeh
Member of Fatah Central Committee and a senior advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, he’s been involved in peace talks with Israel since the 1991 Madrid Peace Process
Gary Shteyngart
Russian-born American novelist
Orly Shuber
Filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles
Mike Shull
Head of planning for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
David Shulman
Senior Economist with the UCLA Anderson Forecast
Julius Shulman
Los Angeles-based architectural photographer who passed away in 2009 . Renowned for iconic black-and-white photographs of numerous buildings including many Modernist classics in LA; the subject of many books including Julius Shulman, Modernism Rediscovered and Julius Shulman, Architecture and its Photography ; and the subject of two major exhibitions: LA Obscura: The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman and Julius Shulman, Modernity and the Metropolis .
Martha Rose Shulman
Author of the Recipes for Health blog for the New York Times; author of 'The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking'
Roger Shulman
Writer and Producer
Nancy Shulock
Director of the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy at Cal State Sacramento, where she’s also Professor of Public Policy and Administration
Joel Shults
Director of the National Center for Police Advocacy
Thorsten Shumacher
Managing Director for HanWay Films
Lorna Shuman
Public Information Officer at Joshua Tree National Park
Laura Shumate
Matthew Shurka
was in conversion therapy for 5 years
Fred Shuster
Los Angeles federal courts reporter for City News Service
Mike Shuster
Award-winning diplomatic correspondent and roving foreign correspondent for NPR News
Simon Shuster
Reporter for Time magazine
Nancy Shute
Co-host of NPR's Shots blog
Marlene Shyer
Author of fiction books for children and adults
Frank Shyong
Reporter for the Los Angeles Times
Si Se
New York based Latin inspired, Si Se, return to Morning Becomes Eclectic with all new tunes.Click HERE to Watch Real Video!
Jared Sichel
Reporter for the Jewish Journal
Carl Siciliano
Executive director of the Ali Forney Center, which helps homeless LGBT youth; former Benedictine monk-in-training
Gary Sick
Senior research scholar , and former Director of the Middle East Institute, at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and author of All Fall Down : America's Tragic Encounter with Iran; National Security Council staffer under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan, and principal White House aide for Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis
Ayesha Siddiqa
Visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Military Inc : Inside Pakistan's Military Economy
David Siders
Reporter covering state politics and Governor Jerry Brown for the Sacramento Bee
Nancy Sidhu
Vice President and Chief Economist at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit group that aims to promote business development in the Southland
Charles Siebert
Reporter for the New York Times
Martin Sieff
Chief News Analyst for United Press International
Adam Sieff
Second-year student at Stanford Law School from the San Fernando Valley
Kevin Sieff
Kabul Bureau Chief for the Washington Post
Barbara Siegel
Managing Attorney for the Health Consumer Center of Los Angeles County
Eric Siegel
Founding Conference Chair of Predictive Analytics World, a trade event that takes place several times a year in different countries; consultant and former Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University; author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die
Fred Siegel
Professor of Political History at Cooper Union; former campaign advisor to numerous Democratic candidates and to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Harry Siegel
Journalist who write about New York City politics; co-author of The Prince of the City : Giuliani, New York, and the Genius of American Life
Jacob Siegel
Reporter and Editor at the Daily Beast and an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan; author and editor of Fire and Forget : Short Stories from the Long War, the first anthology of fiction written by Iraq and Afghanistan vets
Kassie Siegel
Director of the Climate Law Institute at the Center for Biological Diversity

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