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January 01, 1990 - November 13, 2012 + Opening the Curtain

An Evil Metaphor listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on the theater version of "The Exorcist," currently up at the Geffen Playhouse.

Two Languages at War listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on a simple 'boy and his horse' story and the theatrical magic created by the National Theatre of Great Britain and the Handspring...

Does LA Need a Fringe? listen Download
Anthony Byrnes poses the question, "Does LA really need a fringe festival in the first place?"

Behind an Actor's Eyes listen Download
Playwright Vanessa Claire Stewart’s new play at Sacred Fools is deeply indebted to silent films in ways that make it both as rich and as...

I Miss August listen
Anthony Byrnes remembers the economy, elegance and scope of playwright August Wilson, as he reviews SCR's revival of "Jitney," currently up at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Irising Down on the Details listen Download
Anthony Byrnes reviews 'Los Otros,' which plays at the Mark Taper Forum downtown through July 1.

The Evidence Room Is Back listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on the Evidence Room's quirky production of Ivanov at the Odyssey Theater.

The Alchemy of Experience listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on Murray Mednick's play within a play, which embodies the wonderful alchemy possible when a lifetime of craft is mixed with a still...

A Greek Betrayal listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on the production of Boston Court Theatre's production of Michael Elyanow's Medea, as told through the eyes of children...

A Process with Integrity listen Download
The Cornerstone Theater's latest production is produced in partnership with Father Greg Boyle and the Home Girl Cafe, which trains former gang members to run...

A Civic Voice for the Theater listen Download
Anthony Byrnes recalls Anna Deveare Smith's one-woman show "Twilight: Los Angeles 1992" and the role of theater in the civic dialogue of the city.

A Master Class in Stagecraft and Movement listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on Mikhail Baryshnikov in a chronicle of the painful and awkward moments that precede love.

The Internet of the Soul listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on the history of the Internet, privacy in the Age of Google, and the mystical thinking of philosopher Martin Buber in Matt McCray's...

En Attendant Urgence listen Download
How do you make the familiar come to life as if for the first time? Anthony Byrnes on the blessing and the curse of Samuel...

Worst Jesus Movie in the History of Cinema listen Download
Anthony Byrnes on Mike Schlitt's Jesus Ride, which he says plays "like a great dinner party story that just happens to have video all cued...