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January 01, 1990 - November 22, 2012 + News Special Programming

South Carolina Primary
NPR coverage of the South Carolina primary begins when the polls close on Saturday, January 21, at 5pm PST.

New Hampshire Primary Wrap-up with NPR
The first primary in this year's presidential takes place on Tuesday, January 10 in New Hampshire. KCRW will present NPR's complete wrap-up from 6-8pm.

Iowa Caucus
Robert Siegel hosts NPR's wrap-up of the caucus with candidate speeches, interviews, analysis from NPR contributors and the Pew Center’s Andrew Kohut. (6-8pm)

The Life of Steve Jobs
NPR looks back at the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, his impact on the computer industry and society from the first Apple Mac all...

Obama Addresses Joint Session of Congress on Jobs
KCRW presents live anchored coverage of President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, Thursday, September 8 at 4pm, on the economy and his...

President Obama on Troop Levels in Afghanistan
President Barack Obama will address the nation today at 5pm, regarding troop levels in Afghanistan. KCRW will present "special live coverage" of the President's speech...

Obama on the Middle East
President Obama speaks to the nation on events in the Middle East and North Africa and US policy in the region.

Obama on Fiscal Policy and the 2012 Budget
On Wednesday, April 13, President Obama will speak about on the 2012 budget and overhauling entitlement programs, including cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. (10:35am)

President Obama on the Military Mission in Libya
KCRW presents live coverage of President Obama's address on the US/NATO military mission against Libya and Colonel Moammar Gadhafi, on Monday, March 28, at 4:30pm.

Governor Brown on the State of the State listen
KCRW will carry a live coverage of Governor Jerry Brown's State of the State tonight at 5pm. His address before a joint session of the...

State of the Union
President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 25, at 6pm (WST). National Public Radio's Michele Norris will host...

President Obama on Post-Election Accomplishments
As this session of Congress draws to a close, President Obama reflects on the flurry of productivity for the American people during the final stretch....

Obama's Post-Election Press Conference
With Republicans expected to win control of the House in today's midterm election, President Obama has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday, November 3 at...

NPR Election Coverage
Voters go to the polls today across the United States in midterm elections that will determine control of the House, the Senate and Governors’ mansions....

Brown and Whitman Face Off Again
KCRW presents live coverage of the debate between Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown. The hour-long debate will feature news veteran Tom Brokaw questioning...