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January 01, 1990 - November 19, 2012 + StoryCorps

Margot S. Hailey listen
Margot S. Hailey and Margot F. Hailey, mother and daughter, reminisce about what's it like growing up in Beverly Hills when you're the only black family in...

Rose Halprin listen
KCRW's own Daniel Konecky interviews his 93-year-old grandmother Rose Halprin.

Edith Gonzalez listen
What would you give for survival?  One wife's loss, and her husband's vital donation.  A story about the gift of life.

Angelica Salas and Shirley Aldana-Schwarz listen
This week, crossing the border: what it means to be an American, and at what cost. Two stories of immigration and survival.

Sidney Morrison listen
A life saved, a life lost, and the bond of friendship.  Marc Van Klooster interviews his friend, Vietnam War vet Sidney Morrison.

Janaki Symon and Melissa Wilbur listen
The sting of sibling rivalry and the meaning of sisterhood.  Janaki Symon and Melissa Wilbur remember.

George Hill listen
A story of home: what it means to have no shelter--and what it means to find it. Hilary Marshall interviews Marine Corps vet, George Hill.

Robert Madden listen
In this week of Thanksgiving, we hear a story of unconditional love. Tom Kurthy interviews his best friend, Robert Madden about the loss of his...