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January 01, 1990 - June 27, 2013 + The Business

Top Chef's Richard Blais; Cybersecurity in Hollywood listen Download
'Top Chef's' Richard Blais talks about being a TV chef. Plus, hacking Hollywood.

Making Preschool TV: From Sesame Street to Disney Junior listen Download
Making preschool TV: We talk "Sesame Street," Disney Junior and focus groups.

Participant Media Makes an Action Film with Meaning listen Download
Why Participant Media made an action film with meaning, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

VFX Industry in Trouble; Won an Oscar...Now What? listen Download
Visual effects pros share their woes, and 2012 Academy Award winners reflect on their life with Oscar.

The Perils of Producing Reality TV listen Download
Reality producer Monica Martino's harrowing experience on Bamazon leads her to call for action in the reality TV business.

'House of Cards' Showrunner; 'Les Mis' Costume Designer listen Download
'House of Cards' show-runner on the Netflix experiment; 'Les Miserables' costume designer.

The Simpsons Go to the Oscars; Life of Pi's Marine Consultant listen Download
James L. Brooks and David Silverman talk "The Simpsons" and their Oscar-nominated "Short Film." Plus, "Life of Pi's" marine consultant brings authenticity to the film.

Scientology and Hollywood listen Download
Author Lawrence Wright on Scientology and Hollywood.

Making the Oscar-nominated Doc Searching for Sugar Man listen Download
Making the Oscar-nominated Documentary Searching for Sugar Man

Making Life of Pi; Prepping for Sundance listen Download
The Exec Who Championed Life of Pi; Filmmakers Race to finish their film for Sundance

From the DC to Hollywood: Making '1600 Penn' listen Download
A former Obama speechwriter and 'Modern Family' director make TV comedy.

The 2012 Show Business Year in Review listen Download
The big TV and film stories of 2012 and a look at 2013.

Ben Affleck's Career Resurrection, Redux listen Download
Ben Affleck on his career resurrection as an actor-director.

Composer Alexandre Desplat; IMDB Founder, Col Needham listen Download
Composer Alexandre Desplat on doing the lonely job that he loves. Plus, the founder of IMDB.

Illeana Douglas's Webseries; Make-up Artist Lois Burwell listen Download
Illeana Douglas on going from actress to webseries entrepreneur. Plus, Oscar-winning make-up artist Lois Burwell.